Two In One

12:17 AM

#1: I still like the market.

Well, last Saturday night, something unexpected happened.

I went to Euphoria with some of my friends. That counts as the third time I have ever stepped into a club.

So the cover charge is not that expensive, the music is ok, and the dance floor is wide. The crowd are usually students and very young adults.

But then it makes me feel out of place, it seems like I'm the only gay guy that night. Others are straight, with eyes targeting the opposite sex. In other words, wolves hungry for some flesh. Very very hungry wolves.

If not for joining my friends for a nice night out, I don't think I'll be there.

In other words, I miss the market. You know what I'm saying if we're on the same channel. I wonder when is the next Freedom party.


#2: The Kind Of Happiness That Only Exists In My Mind, Part 2

This is such a cute cute cute pair!! I couldn't resist to share their happiness around, really!

I don't know why, but I feel happy when I see such a happy couple. And sometimes you can see couples like this in Carrefour, buying groceries together. That will instantly make my day.

Wishing all the couples in the world can share their lives together till death do them apart.

Again, I repeat, both of them are so very cute!!!

You can find the original post here,  at Beware, it's NSFW. You know what I mean.

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