7:48 PM

The dress is Chanel, the shoes YSL, the bag is Dior!!

I am a fashion lover. I love brands, I love glam, I love bling.

And Burlesque suits that mindset so so much.

Tell me, who needs a boyfriend when you are sexy, single and fabulous? With all the cold hard cash to spend too.

Certainly not me. I WILL make sure that I have a walk-in-wardrobe like Kimora.

My dress is Chanel, the shoes YSL, my bag is Dior!! :)))


1:28 PM
Yesterday was Valentine's and I did something that even now I couldn't believe that I have done it.

I went to Marketplace. Yang saya selalu refer sebagai pasar daging. Haha...

To me, this is something very new. I went to a club once and that was a year ago and it's a straight one. Had some not so pleasing experience. Ended up dragging some drunkard back to the hotel room. Not a nice sight. Not a nice thing to do too.

But this is different. I literally danced the night away. And I think I'm addicted. Not a good news to the bank account and the lymphatic system.

Anyway, MP is a really small place. Even the dance floor is packed, leaving not much space. And that's on a Monday night. Let's not talk about Saturdays. Music is good though. This is the first time I hear techno and I'm enjoying it. Sound system has lots of bass and doesn't sound disturbing. Applause to the DJ.

Yesterday was Valentine's Day and you can see all these couple making out. On the staircase, in the toilet, where ever you go lah. First time seeing all the love around me. That's not a bad thing. Wished that we have more PDA. Hopefully that day will come soon enough.

In a nutshell, I had a great time. And I'm going to go again. Muahahaha....

P/S: Alamak, I AM addicted. Sei lor. Haish.