New York Legalises Gay Marriage

3:41 AM
This news article is picked from the New York Times.

ALBANY —From City Hall in Manhattan to rural hamlets upstate, New York officials began to prepare on Saturday for a surge in gay couples expected to flood clerks’ offices next month seeking to marry.

The state’s same-sex marriage law, which was signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo just before midnight on Friday, will go into effect in 30 days, meaning that gay couples can marry here beginning on July 24.

Gay couples from out of state will also be allowed to apply for wedding licenses and hold nuptials in New York.

Roughly 45,000 gay couples live in New York State, according to census estimates. No exact projection is available for how many will marry here, but officials are readying for thousands, especially in the first week.

“We are training our staff to be prepared for a very large number of people on the first day,” said Michael McSweeney, the New York City clerk, who oversees the marriage bureau. “We are going to be part of history.”

The city has struck an agreement to increase the number of state judges available to perform same-sex marriages. Their workload could swell; John Feinblatt, a top adviser to the mayor, said judges could be bombarded by requests to circumvent the 24-hour waiting period.

Over the next 30 days, state officials must also rewrite the marriage license application form and distribute it to the hundreds of city and town clerks. In Oneonta, a college town of about 14,000 people in central New York, the city clerk, James R. Koury, was expecting a surge in applications, especially on the first day.

Read the rest at here: New York clerks' offices, girding for influx of gay couples

Okay, now there's another destination for you to go if ever you want to get married.

I think marriage has always been some kind of a fantasy, a fairytale that always exist in the books for us in the gay community. With all kinds of factors that are outside of our community and also from the inside, no wonder some of us feel that the "happy ever after" is a mere illusion.

It's a happy thought to know that it has now becoming more and more real with each passing day.

And Lady Gaga cried when she heard the news. You go girl!


11:39 PM
Bananas are the next best thing to an orgasm.

It contains the same chemicals that you have in Prozac, an anti-depressant. Yes, bananas can reduce stress levels and induce happiness.

Having a banana every two hours will keep you in such an uplifting mood, it's the best way to combat coma-inducing environment in the office and Monday blues.

There's a story on the internet saying that if you scrape enough banana skin pulp and bake it, it produces a drug that'll get you high. But that's just an urban myth. Although it is also known that flour can be made from banana skins.

Also, a banana facial is very nourishing to the skin; it's good for sunburns.

So, stock up some bananas when you go on your next shopping trip. At least it's way cheaper and much less effort than getting the other variety with two dangling nuts at the side.

That said, I do think they have similar properties, no?

P/S: Yes, I love bananas to death. :)  

The Freedom To Love

2:27 AM

No prizes for guessing where is this. But to those living under a rock, a cave or a tempurung, this is Pink Dot 2011, at Hong Lim Park, Singapore!

So the event started at 5pm, but I got there at around 6pm. I was stuck in a long queue, waiting for a taxi at Takashimaya. And then there were all those traffic lights turning red. Haish.

Anyway, I did not went there alone. My aunt was with me that day. 

So as we waited for the taxi, she asked, "Are you nervous?"

I answered, "No." Because seriously, at that time I did not feel anything. 

As soon as I stepped down at the park, it hit me. Here I am, aged 21, stepping down on Singapore soil to attend something that is impossible to do in my homeland. Never have I attended such an event too, and at such a scale!

And yes, the gaydar that was so rusty got jolted back to life. Then, I was nervous. 

And when I say I am nervous at that time, it is in a very happy way. The butterflies are fluttering in my stomach but I was smiling from ear to ear. Never have I seen so many people coming together to give their support to the community, which is... unbelievable.

There are tonnes of eye candy, but the ones who steal the show are the dogs! Quite a number of people bring their dogs, like the ang moh below.     

And then there was this giant poodle, shaved and coiffed to perfection! But sadly, I didn't manage to take a pic. The owner seems to be in a hurry.

But besides dogs, there are other things that caught my attention, notably shoes. Like this one below.

I can hear it screaming LADY GAGA all the way. It certainly rocks! And the brown boots in the background are very nice too. 

And then there are people who did drag. Love the hairpiece! It's like it came out from a floral fantasy photoshoot. 

But the most amazing thing is that I saw was an actual KILT! With all the bells and whistles that comes together too. And I wonder, is he a true Scotsman?

And a true Scotsman does not wear anything under his kilt. I repeat, does not wear ANYTHING. :)  

Clicks and snaps aside, I did manage to have a moment in the dot. I actually wanted go to the side when the dot is being formed.

"Kalau aku kena tangkap macam mana?"

And then my aunt just took my hand and lead me to the centre. LOL

Then, the countdown. Pink balloons were released, pink umbrellas were opened, pink scarfs were waved. 

And then, we sang "I Want To Hold Your Hand", by The Beatles. 

As I was holding on to my aunt's hand, singing, she teared up. Never in her life that she would imagine, her nephew, the one that she saw growing up right in front of her eyes, was now standing here, beside her. 

She said she was so honoured to be here with me. And it's the same with me to be here with her.

Lucky kid I am.  

After the dot has formed, there were also paratroopers in the sky, releasing pink smoke. 

Heck, this reminded me to buy new lens for the camera.

Maybe some of you who have read the news were a bit skeptical about whether there really are 10,000 people on that day. 

But after taking these two pics, I don't doubt it. It was no longer a pink dot. It was a sea of pink.

It's a day that I would never ever forget. 

Although some things can be a bit better. 

After it was over, the crowd cleared and I saw Clarke Quay MRT STATION, right at the end of Hong Lim Park.  *facepalm*

So, will I return? Yes, I will. :) 

P/S: To my Ku Ku, you're the best aunt in the whole wide world. Love you very much, with hugs and kisses from PJ. :)))

PP/S: This time, the pics in this post belongs to me. Should have watermarked them, but, oh well.

UPDATE: i found the pic of the giant poodle! Owned by actor Ben Xiao. Isn't the poodle beautiful?? :))


Creatures Of A Brief Season

12:22 AM
In one of Calvin's blog, Strictly Reading, he has a list of BBC's list of 100 best-loved books. Standing at No.3, it is the His Dark Materials trilogy, by Philip Pullman.

In the first book, there is a passage which I like. An excerpt from there that certainly rings a bell is this:

....Men pass in front of our eyes like butterflies, creatures of a brief season. We love them; they are brave, proud, beautiful, clever; and they die almost at once. They die so soon that our hearts are continually racked in pain.   

-Serafina Pekkala

It reminds me the morbid nature that we are fated to.

But on the other hand, if you have read this book, you will also notice the more melancholic side of it.

So let me have my mind run amok.

What if there is a man who is immortal, watching the seasons go endlessly, and to have lovers that he loves so deeply, but in the end watching them wither like maple leaves in the autumn sun?

The mind is running amok. Pay no heed to my writings today.

The Happiest Woman In The World

12:13 AM

I found this video circulating around Facebook, and thinking why all these people are sharing this around, I clicked on the play button.

This is unbelievable!

The groom is really one of a kind. And a one of a kind wedding too!



12:42 AM

Instead of giving lip service or just clicking the "like" button, I'm going.

Is there anyone out there who are from M'sia going to see what is it all about?

Grab camera, snap snap snap!

Stay tuned for pics. Yesh, this will be the first time I ever upload something personal at here!

Together, Happy Forever After

5:39 PM

To those who have partners and living together, do you experience what is above?

Watch it before you read.

The "happy forever after" will only remain as a dream, unless you put in some effort, like caring a seedling; water it everyday, put fertilizer, and of course, the most essential ingredient, love.

Don't take what you have now for granted. Cherish what you have now. Man can only plan but only God knows what he's doing.

Don't wait until its too late.

Unexpected Brushes

1:58 AM
So there I was, walking into a restaurant near my place, which serves up quite decent Chinese dishes. As I was approaching the entrance, I saw a familiar face. A very familiar face.

It's a guy that I saw from Fridae. The exact same guy, because I do recognise his tattoo.

And the heart skips a beat. Because he's definitely cute in his pics. Never thought that he'll look that good in real life. But sadly, my table is upstairs and I couldn't have the chance to ogle more.

Have you ever experienced this before? These kind of unexpected brushes?

I know he doesn't have any knowledge of me, but seeing another soul searching for love in a big place called the Internet suddenly appears to you in real life..... makes it feel..........

A bit out of this world.

It's like seeing Tron on the desktop and suddenly he's right in front of you.  LOL

Two In One

12:17 AM
#1: I still like the market.

Well, last Saturday night, something unexpected happened.

I went to Euphoria with some of my friends. That counts as the third time I have ever stepped into a club.

So the cover charge is not that expensive, the music is ok, and the dance floor is wide. The crowd are usually students and very young adults.

But then it makes me feel out of place, it seems like I'm the only gay guy that night. Others are straight, with eyes targeting the opposite sex. In other words, wolves hungry for some flesh. Very very hungry wolves.

If not for joining my friends for a nice night out, I don't think I'll be there.

In other words, I miss the market. You know what I'm saying if we're on the same channel. I wonder when is the next Freedom party.


#2: The Kind Of Happiness That Only Exists In My Mind, Part 2

This is such a cute cute cute pair!! I couldn't resist to share their happiness around, really!

I don't know why, but I feel happy when I see such a happy couple. And sometimes you can see couples like this in Carrefour, buying groceries together. That will instantly make my day.

Wishing all the couples in the world can share their lives together till death do them apart.

Again, I repeat, both of them are so very cute!!!

You can find the original post here,  at Beware, it's NSFW. You know what I mean.


It's Been A Year

2:36 AM
It's almost a year since I've known you.

The Bon Odori festival is upon us again.

Many things have happened in this year. Some I've never dreamed of I'll be doing.

But I still do think about you amidst all these craziness.

And I wonder do you think about me, even as a friend.


Today I slept in the car with his arm against my head.

And I woke up seeing him staring at the window.

If you love me, do tell. If you don't, leave me alone.

I don't deserve to be thrown here and there like a rag doll with cotton balls for a heart.

You know it.

Things That Make Me Cry

2:49 AM
What will make you cry? A sad song? A sad movie?

I found this on one of the blogs on Calvin's list and I heard this boy sing. Just hear him sing, although if you do not know mandarin. And if you have a friend who understands and translate it for you, the better.

This song is actually a Mongolian country song, the title, "Mother In The Dream", or in their native language, Alsad Suugaa Eej. The original singer is Javkhlan.

I was like crying the whole time when this song played. I am still shedding some tears as I'm typing this.

I'm born in a traditional Chinese family, so the concept of filial piety is very much ingrained into my very mind. And this song says it all. Although I could not understand, and even Google translate can't even translate Mongolian, but the deep poetic hums filled my heart with a kind of appreciation that I could not translate into words.

That's what made me cried.

And another thing that can make me cry more than ever is Hachiko. It's a movie with Richard Gere as the main actor. Go find it and watch it, but please prepare a box of tissue.

Me and my bro cried for more than half an hour, and that's even after the credits has started. 

Before I forget, I need to call my mom tomorrow. 

And although showing feelings and crying is being stereotyped as being feminine and gay, I don't think it's a bad thing at all. Shows that I'm more capable of feeling human emotions. Being who I am. 

If you're feeling nothing after watching that above or the movie, go find yourself a heart to replace the stone inside.