Bears (NSFW)

Rainbow Bara Dudes

2:20 AM

I never knew where to post this, so here are some dudes to cheer up the blog after such sombre tones. It's actually inside my Picasa album all this while.

I personally prefer the ones in the purple and yellow panel.

Click on it for a better view!

P/S: I'm using P1 now, so new pics will have to wait since it has a quota.

Fearful Things - Clive Barker

3:25 AM
Here is a list of fearful things:

The jaws of sharks.

A vulture's wings.

The rabid bite of the dogs of war.

The voice of one who went before.

But most of all...

...The mirror's gaze...

...Which count us out our numbered days.

- Clive Barker.

Mr Clive Barker is an English horror and fantasy writer, according to one of my favourite websites, Beautiful illustrations of famous quotes by Mr Gavin Aung Than. Do check it out. :)

This is going to be a long post, so you've been warned.