Many Moons Have Past...

10:20 PM
As in months. Moon. Ah, you'll get it. I bet you do.

Well! My few posts back then was about my last job. And I have since left that poisonous thing alone. I got myself a new one, doing what I do best, which is... writing. And I'm in a totally new environment, but at least I'm much closer now to my friends as well as my bf.

In the time span of that few months, besides changing a job, I had the biggest argument ever with the man that I love. But though it is so, both of us learn something from it. Couples, no matter the ones that conform with society's view, or people like us, is actually the same in essence. There will always be this one thing, one problem, that pesters both of you till no end. Only and if only both parties are willing to tolerate and change for the better, it'll just iron out itself.

We're still very much in love with each other and we want it to stay this way. So, tolerate we shall and change we will. After all, tolerating each other, understanding each other is the glue that keeps a pair together even after all the fireworks fizzle out.

Talking about my current job, I'm very lucky to have found it. My working hours are more flexible and I love what I do. Also, one of the reasons I got this job is because I showed some sample of my writing through this little blog of mine. My boss knows I'm queer and totally cool with it. Ah... Bliss.

My friends are now nearer to me! Now my weekends are spent with them, which is just totally awesome. Stirred some crazy shit up (though not as crazy as before), a surprise weekend roadtrip and surprise brunches too!

Life can get better. I know it will. Never will I return back to the year before. I have so much things that I want to experience and the foremost thing right now is travel. Bali. Koh Lipe. World Cup at Russia for 2018. Sabah. Sarawak. Taiwan. Taman Negara.

Are bears still on the menu? Well, they'll take a backseat for the moment. But my love for them never diminishes. Will I post pics of them? I'll just try to post more interesting bara.

So that's it. If you're still reading my post until here, you're awesome. And your hair looks amazing today.