The First Day

1:45 AM
On the first day of Chinese New Year, I did something right.

I know I'm not the best son in the world. I do have a temper at times and it's my mother who has to handle all these. I know I do not call home much when I'm back in that hell hole, but it is because of my temper which made me so. Why call home in such a foul mood and then lash it out to your mum?

And then it became a habit. A very bad habit.

Though all has been said and done, I still have some sense in me to actually do something about it.

After today's brunch on the first day of  Chinese New Year, I went and made a pot of tea, get two teacups and apologise to my parents. Like a usual traditional Chinese tea ceremony. I asked for forgiveness from my mother and then my father.

Mother cried. Brother cried. Then, I shed tears too.

After that, I swear my mother is the happiest in all days of the first day of Chinese New Year.

Calvin is correct. Treat them nice while you can. I'll make sure I do.

After 20+ years celebrating Chinese New Year, this year is really the best.

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Stressed = Desserts

6:49 PM
It's been quite some time since I've posted.

I'm now so busy that I don't even feel the Chinese New Year mood anymore.

Everyday is about thinking how to do my work properly, how not to cause trouble among group mates.

After Chinese New Year it's going to be even heavier.

Then there's my owner of my flat who wants to take it back next month, in the middle of chaos that's happening in my life.

Aku tinggal kat bawah parking lot je lah kalau macam tu.

Atau aku tinggal kat tempat kerja je. Ambik sleeping bag pergi. Tapi nampaknya kena jugak lah suatu hari nanti.

Maafkan saya para pembaca yang mungkin tidak faham Bahasa Melayu. Bila aku dah naik angin macam ni dengan batuk sekali, benda yang pelik akan berlaku.

Seperti ini.

Dah lah tu. Aku nak pergi makan. Semoga semua yang membaca coretan ini menggunakan masa cuti yang diberikan dengan sebaik mungkin, tidak kira kaum Cina atau tidak.

Gong Hei Fatt Choi!

P/S: Kepada Vincent, selamat datang ke kelab AGD! :)
Bears (NSFW)

Red, Hot and Sizzling

6:25 PM
Just to remind you that Chinese New Year is just around the corner. 

D.Chooi certainly makes some great illustrations, so don't forget to visit him here

Also, what's a beary post without some Jiraiya's g-men? 

And it's the year of the dragon this year! 

Before I go, here's one NSFW illustration from D.Chooi. Click the link below. 

For all the Chinese out there, have a merry time preparing goodies and stuffs for the coming Chinese New Year!


Heartlander II

2:00 AM
This post is about my last trip to Singapore, the random stuff that I did.

So the other day when I was at my aunt's place, I went and have a look at Blowingwind, a gay forum that is opened to all, discussing everything that is happening under the Singaporean sun. Saunas, army stories, travelling and hooking up in other foreign lands, etc.. and most of all, erotic stories. The usual. 

Amidst all the piled up of stuff (and sometimes even junk) that you see, sometimes there are gems around.

So the other day I stumbled upon Adam's Stories. Search it up on the forum. It's worth your time reading how it was back in the 50's for Singapore.

Because of the nostalgia that's so appealing to me, the story just got stuck in my head. Then in the story, there's this mention of Gay World, an amusement park way back then. And back then, "gay" has only one meaning instead of two.

So the story just lingered around in my head, making its way back and forth, when suddenly, during a trip to Orchard on a bus, I saw remnants from the past. The Gay World amusement park is certainly no more, but the hotel opposite of it still has its signboard, Gay World Hotel.

That's when I learn Singapore is a city that still has memories from its past. I used to think that Singapore is like ultra developed with all the systematic public transport, cookie cutter HDB flats and malls. Malls, malls and malls.

But it's not going to be there for long. Like what my uncle said, "They're all going down systematically, just like someone trying to erase a bad memory."

Just go read it when you have the time. Then you'll understand the kind of melancholic feeling I have now.


On a happier note, I did went to Abercrombie & Fitch. Well, not exactly happy. More like "oh-so-this-is it" kind of feeling.

Let's just say the interior is like some kind of a men's sauna or spa, with Roman mural influences and Greek statuesque poses. But the dim lighting and pumped up music is just so out from the decor that it made you wonder how come they came up with this concept. 

Oh I know. Gay clubs. Yeah. That's it.

Also, there's this incredibly heavy scent just lingering in the air. Are they trying to sell their latest fragrance? I don't know. But it is a bit annoying when your nose just doesn't agree with you. 

And as usual in all A&F stores, there are handsome staffs all around, tall and muscular. There's even a shirtless greeter on the front door. But all I can say is eye candy is just eye candy. Literally. I am looking at a piece of lollipop but I'm certainly not sucking it.

Anyway, it is a new experience. You certainly will not buy anything, unless you have spare change for a winter jacket that costs SGD1000+. 

Will I go again? Considering the dim lighting, athletic styled clothing and sky high prices, nope. Considering friendly staff who are all very handsome and muscular, still nope. I just don't understand the branding. I'm grown and bred in my university to look past all these advertising stuff and hype, so that's why. Do forgive me if you're a fan of A&F.


Then about the malls in Singapore. It's a bit funny to know that a certain mall can represent a certain group of foreign workers. Like the mall somewhere around the Peninsular that are full of Burmese people, selling Burmese food and Burmese ingredients.

While my aunt and cousins went to have Burger King, I went to have Burmese food with my uncle. He recommended mohinga, which is rice noodles with fish soup. It is a national dish, like pho for the Vietnamese.

I don't know whether it is originally like that or it is suited to last longer, but those noodles are certainly oily to an extent that I feel a bit uncomfortable. Taste wise, it is something that you expect in Burmese cities. A very raw, distinct taste, which I think is due to the condiments like fish sauce and chickpea flour. "Raw" here means unrefined, not "raw" as in uncooked.

It is certainly an eye opener for me, a Burmese national dish. It's not something I'm very fond of, but I am curious to know what's more on a Burmese menu.

That's about it on my Singapore trip. 

The Greatest Time To Be Alive

4:22 AM
It is now less than 7 hours before I get away from the lion city.

After a few days being here, it is somewhat an eye opener. I did come here before, way back in time when I was just a mere young lad. But when you are at an age where you start to comprehend about things that are actually happening in your surroundings, you'll find quite amazing stuff just right under your nose. You just need to step out of your comfort zone and start to kay-poh around.

The kay-pohing stuff that I did will be my other posts some other time later. But now, I would like to thank somebody who is quite kay-poh also.

Who else but you? The one sitting at home clicking away trawling through blogs and then found something like this? I thank you all readers out there who did spend  few minutes reading what I have in my head. It made this little old soul happy to know that there are people out there who actually read all these stuff in an age where reading starts to become obsolete. In my circle, not much people have this habit.

And to be honest, my top posts shown on my blogger stats this week shows that 3 out of 5 posts are actually posts that are lengthy and wordy. That's a great change instead of seeing my last few "naughty" posts filling up that space again. Not to say I won't have anymore beary goodies inside this blog. What's a gay blog without eye candies or some dirty literature?

And to those who did take some of their time and link my blog to theirs, I see it as a kind of motivation for me to blog and I thank you. Tuls and Ry, welcome to the club!

It is now around 4 hours into the new year. And yes, now is indeed the greatest time to be alive, to see history unfolding in front of our eyes, where to some extent it may be rewritten too.

Have a great year ahead and survive the new year.

Happy New Year from the Anonymous Gay Department!