4:50 AM
Oops, I've forgotten the list. So here it is. The meme list, that is.

1. I have a dream to get married some day, and being gay here doesn't help. I even pictured what I'm wearing, where it'll be held and what stone is my wedding ring. Hehehe...

2. Unfortunately, I haven't found my love. Hopefully I will. ;-)

3. I love bara manga! And those gay comic strips online. Maybe I should do a post on them someday...

4. I also love Thai food very much. But I also love sushi!

5. I can cook and bake. And proud of it!

6. I am learning to be a graphic designer, but my dream is to own an art cafe. Something like the art cafe that I like to go at my hometown.

7. I love branded luxury goods. Especially bags.

8. I went to a club once. Found out that it's a bit too loud for my liking. Not my cup of tea, but wouldn't mind going once in a blue moon.

9. Wish that I have more time to gym, I'm so out of shape and so unhealthy looking.

10. I love to read novels. Fantasy genre, usually.

And that's it for now.

The Second One

4:42 AM
This is the second post.

And I'm falling out of love with my second crush.

Now is my second semester holiday.

My second semester has ended.

My second brother has joined an orchestra.

And that day I was talking about my sexuality with my parents for the second time.

I had two helpings of rice at the Thai restaurant today.

I'm going to get my second computer, an iMac. (hopefully)

All this second things happening in my life.

Hopefully I can get a second chance.

P/S: With time, it starts to heal. :-)

The First One

7:01 PM
Finally, it's done! My first post on my very first gay blog.

And finally a place that I can pour out my feelings from the other side.

I think it's going to be a meme for the second post.

But hopefully, with this very first start, more good things will come my way.

That's it for now. :-)