Bears (NSFW)

My Favourites Are Back! (NSFW)

3:52 AM

BEARS! (ooooh, lick me, lick me!)


HARNESS!! (just look at those legs!)

FURRR!!! (just look at those legs! again! and that juicy fat one between it. LOL)

I wanted to upload more but my connection is just very sucky. More to come next time!
Love of my Life

He Wants To Run

4:20 AM
(Today's post is a short story inspired by all the things happening around me this week. As usual, I like to write short stories that are filled with love. Nothing naughty here though. :P)

Run. Run. Run.

All I can hear is these 3 words inside my head.

It's all coming to an end.

"What does it mean when all things are not the way it seems?"

Run. Run. Run.

"What does it mean when your life shows such a monotonous tone that you start to hate it admist all the comfort that you can have?"

Comfort doesn't equate to happiness.

"One should plan beforehand. It's like banging your head to a tree with no helmet on!"

You don't understand.

As a kid, I always remember that I love Disney's version of "The Jungle Book" very much. My grandma bought me the VHS tape and the storybook that comes with it. I love Baloo. Baloo doesn't have to go to school, Baloo doesn't have to do homework, Baloo doesn't need baths!

Baloo only needs the bare necessities.


Heart Beats Fast

7:28 PM
Amidst all the things I am doing for my university degree and amidst the nights that I spent sleepless doing work, there is one person that is always there for me whenever I need a shoulder to cry on.

Happy 8th Month Anniversary, my swan prince. 

To Vincent, I know what you mean when you say hugs are so underrated. These days we're so busy to even have proper cuddling sessions. But that doesn't diminish my love for my swan prince! 

I'll love you for a thousand years, and a thousand more. Love you very much dear.

P/S: I wanted to post this back then, but connection at my place sucks till I couldn't have a stable connection. 

Bears (NSFW)

One Two Three Four...

5:18 PM

Which one is your favourite? 

I like number one. :) 


Mood Lifters

2:55 AM

This one is a very nice one from Glee. It's all over the airwaves these days but there's just something very mesmerising about guys in suits and dancing their hearts away.

Now this one is dedicated to my syllabus of my course, my assignments and everything negative that comes with it. This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me. NO.

And I did a new banner for my blog and tweaked its appearance. If you're wondering whose face is that on the banner, that's me.

Form Vs Function

2:32 AM

Which one do you prefer?

I prefer the second one, but cover it with a bit of fur. You know what I mean. :P