12:58 AM
Seeing the new post on Vincent's blog about the new notes, I have something to say.

This time it's not dissing about how poorly made our notes and coins are, but to raise an issue that each of us have to deal with, by this end of year.

Rumours are out and about. Rumours about our next general election.

Rumours will remain as rumours unless it is proven. I too really have no idea at all when it's going to happen. Also, I'm not here to tell you which party to vote. No, that should remain a secret all of us Malaysians should keep. If you prefer to say it out loud, you're very much welcomed to do so.

I just want to remind that in a democratic country, we, Malaysians, are actually the boss of our country. We are the ones whom will pick who will lead us and hopefully, they can improve our country better than before, in terms of economy, security and other issues that matters to us.

Maybe some of you will say that the Election Commission is corrupted, our country has no hope and etc. etc. Therefore, you choose not to vote, because what the little vote can do?

Well, whether all the assumptions above are true or not, I dare not say. I have no concrete proof to say it is bad or it is good. I certainly am not certify to say anything about the issues above that people doubt. But, there is certainly one thing that rings true.

A democratic country cannot be a democratic country if all it's gears and cogs are not working. Which is to say, if you are not voting, you're actually not helping our country at all.

If you choose not to vote, you are actually giving up the chance of actually having a say in our country. Healthcare, working opportunities, basic human rights, basic salaries, security issues, and other issues that matter to you and your family; all these are tied to your vote. If you choose not to vote, then you have no say at all in these issues.

To all registered voters, please, when the time comes, just go and vote. I don't care who you want to vote for. That is not my business. But if you give up your vote, then please do not say a thing if the situation after that does not suit your liking.

This is only a friendly reminder for you to go out and vote when the time comes. Nothing more, nothing less.

As today's blog post is very heavy, next post will be about my favourites. :)

That's all for now.


9:56 PM
There's this new app called Between, which is actually a social networking app between two people. More specifically, it's for you and your partner only. It's from this Korean company called VCNC.

Basically the app distills down the essence of the question, "Why do we use technology?" Well, to communicate with people.

I'm now using it with my boyfriend. It's actually quite fun to use because you can document down your relationship and make it look something like Facebook's timeline. Also, it incorporates a messaging service like Viber or WhatsApp so if you're a fan of those, it's worth looking into.

I think it will benefit most for couples who are in a long distance relationship. Especially when you want to share sweet nothings with your significant other but not with other people.

I personally think it's a nice app overall. In the future, they're going to team up with other local businesses so that they can offer discount vouchers or coupons that are targeted towards couples.

Give it a try with your significant other. The app is available on Apple and Android.

Click here to know more about the app.

The Overtly Feminine Bag

7:55 PM

Today we shall talk about fashion.

The bag is actually referring to this one which sits in my wardrobe. Yes, I bought it some time ago as a reward to myself for a job well done.

Being the recessionista that I am, I buy it because I couldn't afford the original version of this bag. Which is a Celine Phantom bag, that will set you back around RM6000. This version here is from Nose that retails for 40 times less.

You might say that I'm buying a knockoff, but I just love it so much that I couldn't resist.

Anyway, I've brought it out a few times now. And in these few times, I brought it out on dates with my boyfriend.

It's not until recently that my bf shows such disgust towards me carrying the bag. He said that if he did not know me at all, he'll actually set me on fire upon seeing me carrying it. (that's in his mind though, not literally)

All these while, he's actually tolerating me. Until one fine day, he just couldn't keep it inside and told me so. He's the one saying it's "an overtly feminine green bag".

So tell me, what do you think of the bag? Androgynus? Feminine? Should be banished to the cold pits of hell? Can a man actually carry it?

Also, what do you think of gay men being fashionistas and carry their fashion bags around town? Will you appreciate their style or as my bf puts it, "pour on petrol and set fire"?

Oh, and this post today is from my phone. Nice app, Google.



11:36 PM
If you're a bookworm, you'd probably now know that there's a local bookstore which is called BookXcess at Amcorp Mall. If you don't, well, just head over there. They sell overstocked books at ridiculously low prices. I got an illustrated version of "Life of Pi" by Yann Martel in hardcover for less than RM25. I'm serious.

Also, they have this ongoing competition called Receipt Stories. You submit a very very short story to them and if it gets picked, it will be published in their receipt for a period of time. Also, you'll receive a voucher to buy books too. Check out their website here.

That's what I did and I got picked! It's really a good surprise.

So today, I'm going to share my little receipt story entitled "Today". It's not much of a story, but more like a poem.

Today, one man shall be free from the chains of the rat race.

Today, one man shall sink so deep in the chasms of poverty.

Today, one man shall rise from the ordinary shadows to be exceptional.

Today, one man shall from grace that he always believes he deserves.

But tomorrow, we'll never know the fate that awaits them.

So don't underestimate the power of tomorrow, today.

That's all for today. :)

Guess The Station!

4:42 PM
This game was invented by my friend and I just rewrite all the instructions in words. :)

Click the image for a better view. I also posted this to 9gag too! Heeee~~


Little Frankie

11:22 PM
Little Frankie, one of my family's little dogs, passed away recently due to an allergic reaction towards his medication.

It's really heartbreaking to see him having seizures every half an hour. Not even anti-seizures medication can help. I remembered holding him in my arms and another seizure occurs. My eyes gets watery at once. I can see how painful it is for him and yet he couldn't say a thing.

But he is at a happier place now. Rest in peace, Frankie. Do reincarnate at a better place and time, as a better being. We all love you very much. 

Bears (NSFW)

Just Couldn't Get Enough (NSFW)

1:57 PM
Bears that is. Rough, tough and oh-so-huggable.

Do you want to wrestle with one? 

Wrestle one while having a fundoshi on? 

You know, judo or karate outfits are very easy to take off. 

Ah, never mind the wrestling part. Because you're going to tear out at each other anyway while having a good romp in bed. That's good exercise.

And maybe a massage after that, since your muscles will be sore after exercising. 

Bears. Just couldn't get enough of them. :)



A Bear And His Birthday

2:05 AM
Today I visited a bear cafe in KL. I think it's the only one around and if you don't know where it is, it's in Miharja. Khun is the name of the place. So what I'm doing there? Celebrating a friend's birthday! If you came across this post, happy birthday once again, T!

By the way, he's the only friend that can handle a bear hug. And to give one too. A bone breaking, chest squeezing hug is what I call a bear hug. My bf says that I do not know my own strength and always squeezed him to hard. Oops.

So in that whole establishment today, I think I'm the only guy who weighs less than 70kg and shorter than 170cm. I feel so small among all these super-sized men. Which is quite intimidating at first. And I think I may have spotted a junior at my university there too. It's such a small circle.

Talking about the place, Khun is tastefully done to accommodate such gatherings. There's enough space to move and mingle around, and to think that it also houses a sauna too. And until this moment, I haven't stepped into one before, though being so near to it.

In conclusion, it's just a short and sweet birthday party for the birthday boy. Oh, and the durian cheesecake was heavenly. As sinful as it gets, I think I can actually wolf down a quarter of the cake.

That's it for now. And there will be bear pics on the next post. It's been a while since I posted any. :)