Singing All About Love

1:55 AM

I think most of us knows who is Teresa Teng, especially among the Malaysian Chinese community. If you don't, please, click on the vids above and hear her sing. And then Google her.

I think all the painted scenarios above are so beautiful and apply to all of us, no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian transgender life.

I haven't found the love of my life yet, but I do hope he's near.

Oh, and I love Teresa's rendition of Lei De Xiao Yu. That is like OMFG amazing!!!

But wait, you know why the reason I'm putting this up? Because at my workplace I always hear all these oldies. I kena virus liao~~

Anyway, it's timeless, no?

The Gay Scene

2:21 AM
What do you call "the gay scene"?

Is it only filled with men? Orgies? Alcohol? Clubs? Sauna?

And when you hear somebody said that you retire from this, do you retire from all the above? Or part of it?

And when you retire from it, does it mean your life becomes less exciting or less enriching?

For me, in my dictionary, there is no term called "the gay scene".

Because there is so much in life to experience by being the person that I am, that it's not only limited "the gay scene". 'Nuff said!

This post today is inspired by a friend. Food for thought, eh?

A Surprise!

3:20 AM
You know, when I opened up my blog today and read blogs as usual, I stumble upon something very familiar.

So there I was, reading through the blog list in Calvin's blog, I saw.... my blog name in the blog list!

Thanks Calvin for adding me there! Never would have thought that somebody would read it!

Anyway, I deleted my last post because too much was revealed. He will know once he reads it. I just do not want that friendship to be destroyed. That was what happened with my third crush. I don't want history to be repeated.

Before going off, I'll post what I love, that is G-Man! :)))

So, what is a G-Man? G-Man is also known as muscle bears. Usually big sized, they are muscular with just a hint of fat. Body hair and facial hair is optional, but usually facial hair is preferred. G-Man is a term from Japan, so if you google it, you'll see lots of Asian flesh.

I know the first pic is counted as a cub, but isn't he cute?? LVOE~~~

Yes, I love my man to be big in size. It's so comforting to hug a human bolster to sleep. :)))


Black Sheep

2:19 AM
I came back to where I belong today, only to find out that the 2nd brother had given my mom some pocket money. Well, he's currently undergoing nursing at a government school, which in turn receives a monthly allowance plus other kinds of benefits. That's why he can afford to spare some dollars for my mom AND MY THIRD BROTHER TOO.

It's really nice to see him being the good and filial son. But, as I am the eldest in the family, I'm expected to do the same, if not better. That adds some stress in terms of finance and social status.

I start to doubt whether I can live up to their expectations. Hell, securing a place for internship is already very hard for me, and with a fluctuating bank account, it's not helping very much.

Also, one of my uncles start to notice my change in behaviour, i.e staying out late. Well, sometimes it's really unavoidable in a poor student's life, and I do understand that he loves me very much, causing worries. But add it to my increasingly flamboyant gay behaviour, I'm starting to drift towards the area called "the black sheep of the extended family".

I think I'll be the next hot topic before God knows when.

Pray that God can give me strength to overcome this and to help me to find a place for internship! Namo amitabha guan shi yin pu sa.


2:20 AM
This little pinkie went to the market.

This little pinkie went home.

These two little bad ass pinkies fucked me till I see heaven the above.

Nope, it's not an orgy. It's a technique called fingering, where you use fingers to stimulate the G-spot of the asshole or the abalone. It can be part of foreplay or a substitute for fucks (if there's some problem with the partner or no dildo is available), but you need to practice and practice makes perfect.

Google it for more info.

I had been doing so since 2 years ago and I need no man to help me see the heaven and stars. I love my pinkies. With a little lube of course.

Self love is wonderful! :)))

P/S: Do you still want to shake my hand? LOL