5:33 PM
This post is from Singapore. I'm staying a few days here to run some errands before heading back where I belong again.

Talking about this small island down south which was once part of Malaya, there's one big change in my life that's related to it. But I think most of you have heard this story before, and some of you even did it before.

I'm coming down to Singapore in around 10 months time to find a job.

My feelings now are a mix of each; frightened, excited, sad, happy... All sorts. I'm not saying that I don't like the environment here, I even have the privilege of having a roof on my head with food on the table, all ready with welcoming arms if ever I'm here to work.

But then, there is someone I'll sorely miss. LDRs are not exactly easy and certainly not something we both want. Though I said so, there are responsibilities that I need to take on. I'm not exactly rich, see.

But being in a typical Asian family, selfishness (or if you put it in a more positive way, self loving) is not a well applauded thing.

And when once reality sinks in, you somehow get some kind of a withdrawal symptom. And then the tears start to roll.

D, I'll miss you very very much. We said before we want to make it happen. I will make sure it happens for you and me. I love you very very much, but I think mere words couldn't describe what I'm feeling right now.

We still have around 10 months left before it starts. I promise to you that these 10 months will be the most memorable time for you and me.

This ugly duckling is willing to swim through the throng of heartlanders to get to you.  Remember that even after it happens and things may fizzle and dry out, remember that my key will forever be yours to open.

I love you.

Gratia Plena Maria

2:01 AM
So below here is me singing Ave Maria. Please forgive me if the pitch are a bit out of tune or I have these stops all over the place. I haven't been practicing for quite some time since my last performance was a year back. 

Also, I think I'm not too late to wish all of you a very very Merry Christmas, since it lasts for 12 days! 

Happy Holidays! 
Love of my Life

I'm Not Ready To Marry

4:20 AM
I keep on fiddling with the ring on my finger.

Fiddle, fiddle, fiddle.

Blue sapphire in a cushion cut, 1.5 carats and surrounded with brilliant diamonds. All set in platinum. Most of all, it came in a robin blue box. Tiffany's. 

Theo saw my expression; bewildered, puzzled, like a cat whose tongue got caught.

"Don't you like it dear? Your name and mine is on the inside of the ring."

I can only nod. As much as I want to say yes, but something just isn't quite right. 


The Sissy Gays

1:43 AM
In response to Calvin's blog post, here's my dua sen on the topic:

"I'm gay because I like men, not men who act like girls."

I think the above statement is already contradicting. It's like saying "I'm a straight-acting gay." What is a straight-acting gay? Is there a concrete set of rules to define a straight-acting gay man?

I think no matter you're a top or a bottom or a versatile, being gay to me means you are already in touch with your feminine side, one way or another. Then when being in touch with your feminine side, you are acting like a girl, i.e. being in touch with your feelings, being extremely bitchy, being fucked, saying that you have a mangina, etc. etc.

So, is it that important to be seen with straight-acting gays and NOT seen with effeminate men?

I think if we actually make this into a debate, speaking about it for 1001 nights will not even solve it. The only way we can find some logic in this whole grey area is to do away with labels that are not constructive to the well-being of a person and even more confusing to begin with!

About one of the comments in Calvin's blog post, which is from ItuAnjingBetina, the blogger says,"and no I don't think people would go to the extend of discriminating sissies just to be discreet when it comes to serious relationships."

Well, think again. My boyfriend is really an effeminate man and he has stories about how he's being toyed around by his exes and when it starts to get serious, they dump him. Why?

Because he is an effeminate man.

This post here is not only about standing up against the discrimination of sissies but to remind you that we are already being discriminated in the eyes of our law. Do we have to turn against ourselves and amplify the damage that has already been done?

United we stand, divided we fall. Just my dua sen. And if you don't like what you're reading, then you won't read until here.

PS: We all appreciate brawn and Greek-god sculpted physiques, but when it comes to finding love, don't limit yourself to only one place.

And here is an inspiring article from Single Dad Laughing, entitled I'm Christian, Unless You're Gay. It's all about how we extend love towards those who needs it and end this label thingy once an for all.

The Queen in Singapore

6:02 PM
I think most of you know who is Kumar, the Singaporean stand up comedian and drag queen. For those who don't, this is a clip from one of his acts.

If you aren't laughing and searching for more clips like this on Youtube, please go home, turn on the gas stove and lay down on the floor.

Anyway, for those of you who have watched his act either live or from vids, have you watched this interview of Kumar? It was done a few years ago and in it, he talks about his life and his struggles of being himself.

Isn't it inspiring? I do hope those who are being bullied for who they are to be positive. Prove to people that you indeed have a million reasons to be here and with much more reasons to come.

Have a good day. :)

Achievements Unlocked

7:19 PM
So the year is coming to an end, and below are a few little bumps that I consider important in my life that I have conquered. This year is my most wonderful year and I'm very thankful for it.

1. I've found somebody to love and love me back in return. :)

2. I manage to find a way to lose a few inches off my waist, only to have it returned by Christmas. But hey! At least I can.

3. My university days are coming to an end, and this hell will be over soon. I'm thankful that I'm still alive.

4. I've went to the "meat market" and look around, a few times too. And there was once my straight friends follow me. I am thankful that they're very open minded.

But most importantly, I have unlocked this achievement which I harbor since I was still a little kid.

I have finally conquered my childhood fear, which is the roller coaster. I remembered I was around 9 and I don't dare to ride the Corkscrew at Genting, even though my father is willing to take me on it and I'm tall enough. But I did a few days ago! Achievement unlocked. Albeit I screamed like a person suffering from an asthma attack.

Sadly, the Flying Dragon, the Rolling Thunder Mine Train and the Cyclone was closed the other day when I went there. And thank God for these souls who manage to capture how it feels like when you are on them.

Oh ya, the Corkscrew to me is damn frightening that my hands turned white and numb. All the blood just rushed to my heart and brain.

And I promised my boyfriend to go and ride Battlestar Galatica at Universal Studios SG with him!

Die lah this time.

In The Middle Of The Night

3:20 AM
In the middle of the night,
I remembered we
bathe in the moonlight,
And you holding me tight,
Gazing in the distance
but nothing in sight,
All in the middle of the night.

In the middle of the night,
I used to dream
of a white knight,
Rescuing me from
the danger tonight,
And when it turns to daylight,
All I see is you
who tells me all is right.

How I love to be awake
in the middle of the night.


6:15 PM
It's that time of the year again. Tinsel, glitter and shiny balls hanging all around, and they are not limited to places like trees.

But I don't know why, maybe because I'm jaded due to the assignments and projects that I am having, I don't feel Christmas at all. It's not Ebenezer Scrooge taking over my soul, but rather I feel like "Christmas? Oh okay."

I actually did a cover of me singing Ave Maria by Schubert to be posted here, but the quality of the video when I uploaded it here is just BAD so I decided not to post it.  Anyway, Merry Christmas to all of you out there.

Oh, and have you bought Christmas gifts for your family, friends and your beloved? Besides the usual places like Parkson, Sungai Wang and all the major malls (including the gay-stamped shopping mall), why not try to find gifts at unusual places?

And this little Malay poem is inspired by DANNY!TheBigMouth.

Kalau dipakaikan sepatu perak,
Anggun pemakai bagaikan merak.

Guess where I got this pair from?

You wouldn't believe it.

Mai-din. For RM70. 30% less than what they are selling at Sungai Wang.

I respect Mai-din.

Again, have a Merry Christmas to all those Christians out there!

P/S: I'm sorry that I didn't update my blog as frequently as it was, but rest assured that this will end soon. My holidays are on their way. 


3:40 AM
I am desperate for a holiday.

You know at times when you want something so bad that all the things that are referencing to the thing that you want just pops up in front of you, as if it's mocking you?

I just dislike it very very much. 

I tried going to MATTA fair the other time, trying to plan for a holiday, but there are no packages that strike my fancy as well as my budget. A new phone is what I got in the end.

Seeing all those posts on Facebook about my friends having holidays while I am slaving away my time for a wee bit of money doesn't really do my insides any good.

I just want to get away. Somewhere. Even if it's Genting, I don't mind at all. 

And I found out that my boyfriend isn't that fond of the idea of getting away to faraway places. Totally the opposite of me, where I have a lists of places I want to visit.

New Zealand; to see locations where the Lord Of The Rings film is filmed.

Paris; just to see the Eiffel Tower. And Dior. And Chanel. And Louis Vuitton.

Taiwan; shopping is so much better than Bangkok.

Bali; just for the beaches.

Egypt; I have a thing for that great civilisation.

Switzerland; absolutely breathtaking views.

And many others which will come into this list soon. 

And what will the gay traveler do without his gay traveler bag?

Only from Longchamp. Costing SGD 699 at all Singapore Longchamp boutiques. In Malaysia, this lovely one costs RM1600+, I think. 

Ain't this the perfect bag to take to a gay resort? Or a gay cruise? 

Dance, Babeh, Dance!

2:42 AM

If you're not living under a coconut shell, you'll know that The Star is having this musical happening at KLPac called "In Perfect Harmony".

That's where I'm working. Yes, I'm working at KLPac part-time.

And one of the songs is this. Tragedy by the Bee Gees.

All current public shows are sold out, but there are available limited tickets for 19th Oct and 23rd Oct at 8.30 pm. You can find out more by contacting the KLPac Box Office or The Actors Studio at Lot 10.

Oh, and Sean Ghazi is amazing in person. Looks, voice, perfect 10! HARD SWWOOONNN~~~

Karma Strikes Back

11:40 PM
Two words: Fry cuttlefish.

Nuff' said.
Bears (NSFW)

NFSW! The Art of Nickie

12:54 AM
Meet bara artist, Nickie. Here's his blog, at nickierhymeswithhickie.

And here are some of my favourite bara art from him! I found one of his work on Queerclick Asians a long while ago and I searched about him from there.

This is piece down here is called "When Professor Meets Coach". You can build up your imagination from there if you want to. :)

Click the link below for NFSW works. 


Drama Begets Drama

1:13 AM
I am a Buddhist and I believe whatever I do will have karma. It's either good or bad.

So I decided to remove my last post and confine it to the cold palace.

As I said before, this world is sickening. It needs love. Not reaffirmations of negativity.

I have to be the change if I want change.
Love of my Life

Gay One

11:24 PM
I have to write this down to get it off my chest.

Just now had dinner with the boyfriend. As we were walking to the carpark, we pass by a restaurant which has an alfresco dining area. And there sat a vey fat and quite ugly guy with his bunch of friends. As we pass him by, I heard a snicker from him.

Then I heard, "Gay geh."

If you don't know Cantonese, it means "Gay one".

All this while I am in PJ, in this big city called KL, never have I encountered something this negative about my sexuality. If you haven't read my previous post before, let me tell you that I am a lucky gay man, being accepted by my immediate family, friends and colleagues.
But what about to those who don't? To those who are still in the closet?

This is not only an issue that matters to me. It matters to all gay men out there. But more importantly, because of this, I have something to say to our Malaysian gay fellows.

To those who are in the closet, living in fear, remember, it will get better. But also do remember it will get worse before it does. Stay strong. If you could not stand the pressure, find a support group. There are blogs like these where you can make connections. Forums too. And there is always PT Foundation and Oogachaga.

To those who are comfortable with who they are, spend some time in supporting local events like Seksualiti Merdeka. You don't have to be at Pinkdot like I do, but just leave an hour or two to attend such local events that educates the public about who we really are. If you're game for it, why not bring some friends along too.

If we want change, we have to be the change. United we stand, divided we fall.

P/S: My boyfriend stood up for me. Oh yes he did. 
Bears (NSFW)

Dancing For Gender Equality 2

3:35 PM

And this is part two! Just for shits and giggles. LOLOLOLOL
Bears (NSFW)

Dancing For Gender Equality

11:48 PM

This is the explanation of their behaviour.

What do you think?
Love of my Life

How Has It Been So Far

6:28 PM
So, it has been 3 weeks since I've written anything.

And these 3 weeks I spent lots of time with the swan prince aka boyfriend. And when I say lots, I mean lots. We literally see each other every day.

So, how is it so far?

Considering the fact that we have known each other for like 2 months and a half, things are surprisingly good!
We only touched on the sexual side when we are 2 months in the relationship. And honestly speaking, it's very rare in the gay world.

He's 8 years older than me, working in the luxury retail industry. He's a good man with a good heart and treats me well. That's all that matters to me. But if you ask me why do I fall in love with the man I love right now, the only answer I will give you is just "Because."

Though it is so, fate and chemistry plays a role here. Thank you God for sending someone right at the right time.

I believe that this will be a very long journey for him and me. Things are stabilising and we're starting to talk about the possible future; me going to Singapore finding work and how we'll manage that, having a place of our own, the usual couple talk.

We even do sleepovers, just me and him, cuddling in each others arms to sleep. You may think it'll lead to something sexual, but hey, having control and restrain for the right timing is even more wonderful.

And all those things I used to read on the net; coffee at Starbucks as a couple, orange mouthwash mint flavoured kiss, going to breakfast together; it all came true. True as it can be.

I just have to give thanks to God for sending him my way. I love my man. Forever.

And if you read my posts before which contains the image above, you'll know how happy I am right now. 
Love of my Life

The Swan Prince

1:53 AM

Once upon a time, in a faraway kingdom, there lived The Swan Prince.

The Swan Prince is what his name is. Smooth, fair skin; very tall, handsome, graceful and a gentleman. With a more effeminate attitude to match.

Having 4 previous relationships, The Swan Prince gave up on love, for he almost found what he searched, but the same thing happened all over again.

And in the same kingdom, there lived The Ugly Duckling. Although he is growing up to be a swan, he had been ridiculed by his friends, reminding him of his ugly past, which he keeps it in a form of a photogram in his money pouch.

The Ugly Duckling was also searching for his one true love. It never came to him. Having endless courtships and infatuations, he decided one fine day to be happy with himself and let love find him when the time comes, as it should be.

On one silent night, as The Ugly Duckling goes through The List, where people usually hope to find love enlist themselves on The List, he came across The Swan Prince.

It doesn't occur to him at that moment that The Swan Prince could be his one true love, and as usual procedures in people who are on The List, they send little messages to each other, as to get to know each other better.

Eventually, they came out and met each other. They talked. And talked. And talked.

This went on for a few weeks. They were talking about each others battle scars, the most expensive armor in the world, and even women's most fashionable medieval accessories.

It got to a point where the topic of relationships came out, and a hypothesis was created, whereby if a partner is willing to wait for his one true love, what is the answer shall be?

The Ugly Duckling answered, "If my one true love is willing to wait for me, he places me on a very high value, the value of time itself."

"I would say yes. And I am willing to wait together with my one true love."

The Swan Prince is baffled with his answer. Never before has he seen somebody with such a degree of articulation, well-spoken, and certainly knows what he wants.

And he sincerely asked The Ugly Duckling, "I am willing to be the one to wait for you."

The Ugly Duckling was in awe at that time. Never before has he been asked before, and never before he has someone confiding his sincere feelings.

So dumbstruck that The Ugly Duckling was; he wanted to say "Yes" but no voice came out from his mouth, although deep in his heart, the little blossoms of love begins to bloom.

In the end, he reached for his necklace, where he placed two rings. The rings are from his mother, meant to be given one of them to his one true love. He took one out and placed it in front of The Swan Prince.

And from there, The Ugly Duckling is very sure that he has found his one true love.

They may not live together happily ever after, as in what they do in fairytales, but The Ugly Duckling certainly knows one thing for certain.

The Swan Prince will always be the first one who took his heart away.

Phones I Had

12:02 PM
So yesterday while having dinner with moi boyfriend (Yes, I have a boyfriend! Hallelujah!! I'll post how we met and stuff like that some time later), we talked about what phones we had in the past. So it got me thinking, remembering all those phone models I had.

The very first phone I had was Nokia 3310, a hand-me-down from dad. That was while I'm still in primary and that phone is used for emergencies only.

The second one was a Sony Ericsson T630, a hand-me-down from mum. One of the early phones that has Bluetooth. That one was also used for emergency calls back home to my family during school time. I thought that was my coolest phone ever. And one fine day it stopped working due to the battery.

The third one was a Samsung e350, a hand-me-down from mum. That one I use during my early foundation days. But that phone also got spoiled. This time was not the battery problem, it's the keypad. Fixing it is really not cost efficient.

Then I bought myself a budget Nokia phone, the Nokia 1650. This is the first phone I bought using my own money. It did not get spoiled, but instead mum wanted me to exchange with her for another phone, so that this budget Nokia can be given to my uncle.

So I get another hand-me-down from mum, a Nokia 6288. That time it was the most IN thing, having 3G, which is quite an advanced technology (I repeat, THAT time). I absolutely love this phone. With such a big screen, nice camera and a slider, it was one of my most beloved phone to date. It has a nice feel and weight to it, which made me love it even more.

Sadly, as all electronic devices are destined to be, it's spoiled. Even changing the battery doesn't work, because the internal electronics got so hay wired that it will drain the battery in a matter of three hours.

And then, here comes my second beloved phone, the Nokia Xpress Music 5130. Being a music oriented budget phone, it's very nice in terms of design; funky wallpapers, themes, nice GUI for the music player, lights up when it rings. Also it has a 3.5 mm jack, which can be used with headphones! And that's the second phone I bought for myself.

This time, the phone got lost when I dropped it off when using a taxi to ride back home when going back from One Utama. This one is another unfortunate event, where I used a bus to go back from One Utama back to my place. I took the wrong bus, and it got me into this very 'san ka la' place, further up from The Strand. It was really a fucked up moment at that time.

I called my number but the taxi driver just would not pick it up. I got really heart broken. I used my PTPTN money to buy that baby back home. :(

After that came a clam shell Sony Ericsson, the R306, marketed as a budget radio phone. Also another hand-me-down from mum. This is my most horrible experience with a phone. It has so little memory that it could not even store much messages! I have to keep on delete like mad just to keep it sane enough. Terrible phone.

Mum actually considered the fact that she would want to buy me a nice phone. I almost bought a Blackberry back home, but considering the fact that I would have to pay for internet, phone calls, sms, and the BBM service, it's not worth it unless I'm working.

In the end, I decided I'll continue to use hand-me-downs until the time I can actually have my own salary to buy a nice phone for myself.

So what I am using now? A Sony Ericsson F305 in white. It's fine, but the casing is  cracking all over because I dropped it a few times. Well, after that few drops it's still very sturdy, so I don't mind. It even has an extra memory card, so I can store a number of songs to listen to. That's fine.

The colours of these phone shown here is what I had. And thinking about it, most of my phones are budget phones, not more than RM500. Unless you counted the SE T630 and Nokia 6288, both are over RM500 during their glory days.

So what phone I want to have these days? A smartphone, either from Samsung or HTC. iPhone is so overrated, everybody has it! Even my mom and brother. An iPhone 4 and 3GS respectively. It has lost its exclusivity which once attracted me.

If Nokia starts to have Android, and puts it into one of those Blackberry styled phones, I'll buy it in a heartbeat. That won't happen anytime soon though.

Why I want to have a smartphone? Well, looking at the fact that everything is gearing towards the way of the smartphone (eg : QR codes) , it's going to be a necessity soon. And the rates of 3G connectivity will drop in the future. I believe that'll happen.

Also, Whatsapp-ing my darling will be fun. :) No more Grindr or Jack'd for me!
Love of my Life

Two Less Lonely People In The World

10:46 PM

Two less lonely people in the world
And its gonna be fine
Out of all the people in the world
I just can't believe you're mine
In my life where everything was wrong
Something finally went right
Now there's two less lonely people
In the world.....Tonight.

Thank you for loving me so so so much. :))))

Sunday News: Lin Dan

1:11 AM
A few hours ago, Lin Dan won the final badminton match, between him and Dato' Lee Chong Wei.

And again, his usual trick when he win the finals, he'll take off his shirt. And my, my, I only thought badminton players are usually a bit more to the skinny side. But that man is well-defined enough for his physique.

Enough to grace the covers of Men's Health China.

Also looking very suave here in this photo!

Having a very cocky and bad ass attitude makes him even more appealing. Bad boys are also in my Book of Attraction. 

And, do you want to see his bulge?

It's on Queer Click Asians. But it's an NSFW site. Here is Lin Dan's bulge. 

Have a happy work day tomorrow, and God bless Malaysia to be number one in badminton next year. :)
Bears (NSFW)

How To Have... (NSFW)

11:37 PM
How to have gay sex.

1. Call boyfriend or fuck buddy. If unavailable, go online and search for a one-night-stand. If you're more adventurous, go cruising. Worse come to worst, go and find a gigolo.

2. Kiss your partner. Passionately. Make sure you brush your teeth. In the case of unavailable teeth cleaning instrument, eat mint candies.

3. Take it off. Leave undies untouched. Explore. Use your five senses. This is foreplay.

4. Touch more. Explore more. Don't know your way? Ask. Foreplay is important. Enjoy watching each others bulge.

Press the link to read more. NSFW ahead.

Bears (NSFW)


12:06 AM

Cute bears from Japan having stinky tofu at Taiwan. I couldn't resist to share this! Their expressions are hilarious.

Have you eaten stinky tofu before? I know the pasar malam at Taman Connaught has one, but the first time I ate it was at Setapak, near to the LRT station. The uncle opens his stall almost every night after 9pm or 10pm,  I think.

And when he opens, you don't need to ask for directions. Just follow your nose.

Was it something I like? Well, it's an acquired taste like durian or petai. Though I love those two, stinky tofu is something that I'll not be craving anytime soon. And mind you, those tofu are deep fried, so it's very heaty.

No Promises

12:02 AM

Hey baby when we are together,
Doing things... that we love...
Every time you're near I feel like I'm in heaven... Feeling high
I don't want to let go, babe
I just need you to know, babe

I don't wanna run away, baby you're the one I need tonight,
No promises.
Baby, now I need to hold you tight, I just wanna die in your arms...

Here tonight.

Something unexpected back then on that night. But I didn't hold anymore hope for it. I just wonder why did it happened so late. Too late.

Or this heart will soften up again?

Anyway, this vid has been shared around in blogs that I read. Enjoy.

Bears (NSFW)


12:00 PM
DILBF=Dads I'd Liked to Be Fucked.

Hugh Jackman. 

Full name: Hugh Michael Jackman
Born: 12 October 1968, 42 years old to date
Occupation: Actor, 1994-Present
Spouse: Debora Lee-Furness, 1996-Present

In November 2008, Open Salon named Hugh Jackman one of the sexiest men alive. People magazine named him "Sexiest Man Alive" later that same month. 

Most famous for his role of Wolverine in X-Men. Also involved in stage musicals, and won a Tony award for his role in The Boy from Oz. 

All facts are from Wikipedia. 

'Nuff said! 

MP Again

4:09 AM
The last time I went there was Valentine's Day, and that was... around half a year ago?

I actually wanted to go during the Merdeka Freedom party, but plans changed and I find myself going with some straight friends tonight which are curious about the scene. And I feel that there won't be a second time for them.

Unexpectedly, I find myself face-to-face with a previous blogger, Red. If you are reading this, it was a pleasure to meet you.

And, I met Pluboy aka Eric Lim. I'm repeating the same old question "Are you pluboy? I'm a fan of your blog.", which you may hear until muak already, so if you're reading this, minta maaf zahir dan batin.

But, the RM 421,119.99 question here (the price tag equivalent to a pink diamond crocodile Hermes birkin) is: Will I be a part of the clubbing scene?

Apparently, no.

I think I'm one of those who appear once in a blue moon. I couldn't possibly bring myself there every Saturday night, though I love dancing with my two left feet, and taking alcohol with no proper biological enzyme to digest it.

And maybe, just maybe, I couldn't handle the dramas that may come with such a lifestyle.

And one of my friends say, "It's hard to find somebody with such a degree of articulation these days." Ok lah, I may be 'angkat bakul' over here, but that's the real me. Nobody calls me 'The Walking Dictionary' without a reason. Better not waste these brain cells by drinking, babeh!

Oh, and there were many cute bears today! Though most are attached or just fooling around.

See you some other time, MP.

What Do You Think About PDAs?

3:43 PM

PDA here refers to Public Display of Affection, not Personal Digital Assistant.

So yesterday, I took the monorail to go to the bus station. As I was riding the monorail, I saw three guys, two Chinese and an Indian, having a conversation. They look very young, like 18 or something.

So my gaydar did not detect anything, they're dressed like all young adults should, with no hint at all about their sexuality. Then, the Indian helped the Chinese guy besides him to adjust his necklace.

Ok, maybe they're really close friends. Then they held each other hands and hugged. Ok, now it's very apparent that they're a couple.

But the very unexpected thing happened next. The Indian guy gave the Chinese a peck on the neck.

My immediate reaction was, "Aww... So sweet!" But I immediately turn my head around to see the public's reaction.

There's this 50 year old uncle shaking his head.

There's this bunch of naive schoolgirls, all pointing and giggling.

Then there's this straight couple giving a disgusted look.

Right after the gay couple get off at the next station, there's this straight couple boarding in. Hugging, kissing and the boyfriend even bought these cute little cupcakes for the girlfriend.

No one bat an eyelid towards them.

So, my conclusion is Malaysia still have a very long way to go towards accepting PDAs from the LGBT community.

But, I want to ask all of you out there about such PDAs. No matter it is from a hetero or homo couple, are you comfortable with it? Are you comfortable of having PDAs with your partner? To what extent will you have PDA s with your partner? Do you have anything similar like this to share?

Please write down your comments below. I'm happy to hear what you have to say.

The Shuffling Policemen

5:28 PM

So I found this today on my facebook.

And this answer the question of "What two policemen will do when experiencing a slow day at the office, with a webcam and dancing skills in hand?"

On the other hand, the policeman on the left has an ass that defies gravity. Yum.

I always wonder is it the uniform itself that do wonders to accentuate that curve. During my days in secondary school, I always get these kind of treats on Wednesday. My school has this Kadet Polis co-curriculum club and every Wednesday is co-cuuriculum day.

Some of those guys have such a fine ass and a face to go along with.


The Very First One

12:53 AM
I read this on Fridae and I'm tearing up.

Here's the link,

OMG, I really couldn't believe it! The full regalia of a traditional Chinese wedding, with banquets, tea ceremony and all those stuff!!

I'm actually weeping tears of joy to know that somebody out there have taken one very big step towards proving that our love for our partners are no different from heterosexual couples.

To those of you, who are lazy to click the link, it's about a lesbian couple from Batu Pahat, Johor. Apple, aged 27, and Thomas, aged 29, has finally agreed to tie the knot after 2 years of dating. 400 guests attended the wedding ceremony.

I used to have no hope at all for this kind of marriage being legalised here. Now, I do.


P/S: Here's the happy couple!

Bears (NSFW)

Sunday Bears

10:42 PM

I know you like 'em, so I'm posting more of 'em! 

And I found another site that gears towards bears. Beware, NSFW site. It's called the masterbed

Have a woofing week ahead!

P/S: Matta Fair is from the 12th to 14th Aug!! I want to make the wish of going Bangkok come true.  

A Holiday

1:16 AM
Oh mai God.

Actually I have a plan to go to Langkawi this end of Sept with this bunch of friends. Though I may be a bit like an outcast from the group that they themselves created, I don't mind at all. I just want to go there, soak up some sun, drink some Chivas, and just enjoy. And about the drinking Chivas part, some of them are very willing to join me so at least it won't be so awkward, rather than drinking alone. 

That's the reason why I bought those swimwear! 

Then, while I was chatting with a friend just now who just came back from Bangkok, he says that he'll be going there again for another vacation this Christmas. I asked whether if I can join and he gives the thumbs up.

The problem is, if I am to follow him to go Bangkok, I have to cancel my trip to Langkawi, due to financial constraints. And, I'm actually taking a risk if I'm going to Bangkok. My university has this very weird way of arranging the timetable for the year end exams, that it'll end on the 24th. If I'm lucky, it'll end earlier. 

My friend here wants to go on the 22nd, which makes it impossible if it clashes with my exam timetable. 

If I go ahead and take the risk, book tickets and such, and then the clash happens = bin dou dou em sai hui (Canton: no need to go anywhere)! 

The other thing which makes going to Bangkok so appealing is: 

1) I've never ride an airplane.

2) Besides Singapore, there's no other country in this world I've stepped into. 

3) And, my friend looks like this. 

Ok, that's Keichi whom I posted before, but nevertheless, he's my type.

Unless I can truly confirm my exam timetable waaaaaaaaaaaaaay before, which is like virtually impossible. 

I want to go to Bangkok. :(

Yes, it's just a wish, a rant. Hopefully God hears me out. 

Show Me Your Love

10:44 PM

I found this from Bedtime Stories. Its one of the scenes in My Fair Lady, where Eliza Doolittle sings this to Freddy.

Couldn't it be any further from the truth?

Talk is cheap. Dirt cheap.

Mother Knows Best

11:10 PM
This is what basically my mom had said in the phone today.

"When I say I want you to be careful when finding people online, I don't mean controlling you. I just want to let you know that there are news like the one I saw today on the paper, about this girl being cheated by an African man.

You're no longer a five-year-old, my son. I couldn't be possibly caning you like what I did. You're an adult now, and you have to be independent in your ways of thinking. But remember, every action has a reaction.

The other day I told one of your aunts about you being a PLU. Not every member in my family can accept it, but although your mom here has an education of a primary school level, doesn't mean I couldn't. I read the papers and I keep myself up-to-date. I'm not living under a coconut shell.

Though I have said so, it is up to you if you want to share anything with me. I am fine with it and I will not be angry or mad.

Another thing, the internet is not a good place to find a long term relationship. Very casual friends, yes.

Why I said so because though you're an adult, you're still young. Mother knows how young people can be very emotional and very naive when it comes to affairs of the heart.

Remember what I said. Keep in mind that mother only hope that you can have a good career, able to buy a house and to take care of yourself. If you did all these, I'll be very happy."

This coming from my fabulous woman, my fashionista, the one who met my 'hunkle' father in a disco.  

This is my mom. :'-)
Bears (NSFW)

Bears In Almost Nothing (NSFW)

12:47 AM
Here are pics that I promised. From furry to smooth, these human bolsters are guaranteed to give you warmth through those chilly nights.

They're getting me growling. The inner beast must be tamed, sooner or later.

And the last one is another illustration from Jiraiya. WOOF! :D
Bears (NSFW)

An Interview With Jiraiya

6:14 PM

This is an interview from, dated back to May 2009. Do visit the website if you are interested in bara art, they do feature quite a lot of artists. 

This is an interview about Jiraiya, the bara artist, not the one from Naruto. 

Read more after the jump!

Bears (NSFW)

Totally NSFW!

12:53 AM
If you keep seeing my blog popping up and down with test posts in the last half an hour, it's because I want to insert the 'Read more' link. Anyway, I got that tested and done.

So here it is, my pics of G-Man, all comic illustrations, drawn by my favourite Bara artist, Jiraiya.

If you do not know what the hell is a  G-Man, go to my post here to find out yourself.


A Hundred Not-So-Fabulous Things About Me

12:27 AM
This post is dedicated to Calvin, who hoped that I can write '100 Things About Me'. Well, here it is. And I'll try to stick to the Queen's English with proper grammar. :)

Not all here are facts, but also some are my unique experiences along this journey we called life. That's what made me to become who I am today.

This is an extremely long post. You are now going into uncharted territories of grammars and spellings. Please be advised that if you would only want to see pictures of G-Man, wait for the next post. :P


1. I swear. A lot. I'm trying to use less colourful languages, because there is this time I used it in such an inappropriate time that my mum got angry with me for a week. But I only say it to people whom I'm more acquainted to and around my age group. So if you're meeting me the first time, the chances of me swearing is almost nil.

2. I'm still single, still technically a virgin and do not have any relationships yet. But that doesn't mean I don't have my share of 'explorations'. And nope, this is not me advertising myself, this is one of the facts at this moment of writing.

3. I'm an LOTR fan. I'm into the fantasy genre, no matter movies or novels. Sci-fi? Not so. I don't get Star Wars or Star Trek. But Tron is an exception.

4. The movie that freaked me out but got me captivated the most is 'Perfume: Story of A Murderer'. The second is 'Black Swan'. And do you know that Tchaikovsky is a closeted gay?

5. There was once when I was 11, I dreamed of getting bitten by a spider and turn into Spider-man. I thought when Peter Parker (Tobey Maguire) got bitten and turned into a hunk overnight is marvelous. So where can I get that super serum like Captain America does? Saves time doing exercises and going to the gym, you know.

6. I love fashion. La mode c'est tout.

7. And after watching Spider-man, I got interested in reading comics. I have this sort of encyclopedia about X-Men at home and borrowed my ex-uncle's Spider-man comics to read, since I do not have any pocket money back then. Why my ex-uncle? That's another story to be told.

8. I am not a morning person. 9 to 6 jobs are not my type. I'm thinking of going freelance or just change another job scope which doesn't require me to wake up early in the morning.

9. I am a beach boy. Being born so near to the sea makes me so. I love holidays on an island, and the last time I went to an island is Redang. If you are reading this and haven't been there before, you should before global warming takes all the beauty away.

10. Among my siblings, I'm the shortest. But I'm the eldest. Ironic? Certainly.

11. The most near-to-death experience that I had was being in a burning house. I was sleeping at that time but I'm suddenly awake in the middle of the night when the fire happened. I will never do normally, but at that time, I did. So that's how I discovered my house is on fire. And that's how I lose my collection of shoes!

12. I have a best friend of 16 years. We know each other since kindergarten and the best part is, he's gay too. :)

13. My favourite brands are Dolce & Gabbana, Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Tom Ford, in terms of menswear. I adore David Gandy and almost every Dolce & Gabbana model out there. Though Tom Ford is balding, he's still sexy as ever.

14.  For women, I like Chanel, Celine and Dior. Oh, and Oscar de la Renta. He certainly knows how to dress a woman, no matter for a casual poolside party or a glamorous ball in the evening.

15. The very first fashion magazine that I read was Cosmopolitan. It belongs to my aunt and I still remember that Heidi Klum was on that cover wearing a pink dress by Michael Kors. I was 11 then.

16. GLAM is my favourite locally produced fashion magazine. I do hope I can work for BluInc someday, the publication house for GLAM. And GLAM is an acronym for Gaya Lebih Anggun Mewah.

17. My aunt once told me that I'm able to spell 'dinosaur' when I was 5. That's quite a big word for a small kid, eh?

18. I used to be very fat, 'overweight' is the proper word. I still keep a photograph of myself, taken when I was in Form 3. That's to remind me that appearances change over time and will not last forever. Also to show people for the fun of it.

19. I used to get all these sales people asking me, "Sir, would you like to sign up for our credit card?" The worst part of it; I was 13 when they started asking.

20. I can whip up a nice meal when I wanted to. That includes appetisers, main course and desserts.

21. I do not have any sisters. I have two younger brothers. So, all the household chores like mopping, sweeping, helping out in the kitchen, etc, etc, are done by me. That's why I know how to cook and bake.

22. I love my brothers, although they can be a pain in the ass at times.

23. If you read fact No.10, you'll know that I'm the shortest and the eldest among my brothers. Turns out I am also the slimmest. I wear my second brother's old pair of jeans. It used to be me not able to fit into his jeans, but now the tables are turned!

24. I only recently discovered Kuih Peneram, a wonderful sweet, fried, donut-like, Malay kuih. That's the best thing I discovered in the year of 2011.

25. I love Ramadhan bazaars. You can find things that are not usually seen in pasar malams, like the Nasi Kukus in my hometown. Also, the atmosphere is even more lively, since the bazaar at my hometown is next door to the city mosque, as well as to the public field. You can find families buying things from the bazaar and then breaking their fast at the field by having a picnic.

26. I love Thai food, especially Som Tam and Yum Lab Meau Nang (chicken feet salad). There are decent Thai restaurants at my hometown which I enjoy going.

27. I drink tomato sauce. Yes, I can finish off a whole bottle if I want to. IF.

28. As much as I love Thai food, I haven't been to Thailand before. The only foreign country I've been to is Singapore.

29. I haven't ride a plane yet, up until this post was written. I plan to have a plane ride in my near future. Other kind of transportation modes that I haven't ride before are ocean liners and sports cars.

30. My father is a mechanic with a good reputation. He fixed the sultan's limo once and I get to sit in it. I don't think there are many out there who has this kind of experience, do you?

31. Talking about my father, he's a hunkle. The word is derived from 'hunk' and 'uncle'. Well, being a mechanic means he needs to exercise his muscles as that is his job scope. He's very suave, has hands of steel but a gentle heart. I remembered when I did some serious coming out to my mum one day, she misinterpreted as if I'm blaming her for being born this way. Guess what my hunkle said?

He never sms me before in my entire life, but on that day, he wrote, "Son, please do not blame your mother. No matter who you will be, we'll still love you very much. You are our son."

God, I'm so touched to be blessed with this hunkle as my father. :)

32. But one thing my father is bad at is his habit of smoking. I may inherit his jawline but I don't inherit his habit. So don't ask me for a lighter.

33. I drink. My favourite beer is Kilkenny, second favourite is Heineken. My favourite cocktail? A mojito.

34. My grandmother sewed me a skirt when I was 5, because I always mess up my bed sheets and blankets pretending to be Cinderella. Now, I'm waiting for Prince Charming. LOL

35. I listen to classical music, opera, jazz and mainstream songs. My favourite artists are Adele and Lady Gaga. My favourite composer is Tchaikovsky. My favourite opera is Carmen. Favourite opera aria is  Nessun Dorma from Pucini's Turandot. Jazz musician? Kenny G.

36. Also, I love musicals. Cats, Phantom of the Opera and The Sound of Music are my favourites. I would love to watch Les Miserables, after reading the novel not long ago.

37. I own around 15 pairs of underwear and 3 pairs of swimwear. I used to have g-strings but the elastic band is not good anymore. Time to find some new ones. Would love to have a pair of jockstrap though. Oh, and my favourite underwear are from Diesel.

38. I'm turned on when I get my ear licked. How did I found out that part? When my pet dog jumped up while I was sitting and just slobber all over my ears.

39. I love Siberian Huskies! But I don't think I can own one anytime soon. Maybe an American Bully or a Beagle, since I'll be living in apartments or condominiums.

40. I only learned how to blow bubble gums and snap my fingers recently. And I cannot roll my tongue. Or sit in that lotus position. I tried, but I'm just not flexible!

41. I hurt my right wrist when I was 11 and I'm right-handed. All my exercise books written during that time is a Picasso masterpiece. You'll never know what I'm writing.

42. I hate cockroaches, more so when they're flying. I'll take a broom and swish all over. I know they're perfect creations of God, but still.

43. When I do not have enough sleep, don't make me angry. I'll fuck you upside down if I have to. I say it and I mean it.

44. My favourite novel is 'The Time Traveller's Wife' by Audrey Niffeneger, almost all novels written by Dan Brown, and 'Interview with The Vampire' and other Vampire Chronicles by Anne Rice. I read 'Confessions of A Shopaholic' once, but that damn thing is really too... feminine. Even this slut who wears glitter could not accept it.

45. I tried to go into Fashion Design, but it was not accepted by my grandparents. I end up doing Graphic Design instead. I really do hope I can go into the world of fashion and just do what I love.

46. I fell into the drain while I was 6 (or 7?) and my, it was horrid. It's the drain by the wet market, stinking and full of rotten stuff. I cried all the way back home. And that was the only time I remembered my father cradling me in his arms.

47. My mother to me is like 'The Lion King' to me when I was small. It means she's ferocious. But now, our relationship is way better.

48. I used to have these evil plans that my brother and me created to annoy our nosy neighbours. Thinking back, it is really silly. I remembered one of the plans was to have this bucket of urine at the top of the door, mixed with all kinds of stuff inside our house. So remember, you really do not want to piss me off.

49. I am a generally nice guy and will not get angry easily. But you do not want to see me get angry. I'm having this trait from my father.

50. I inherited my fashionista ways from my mum. :)

51. I have this peculiar habit of eating noodles. When I use chopsticks or fork, I'll roll them up into a small ball before putting it in my mouth. Guess where I learn this from? The Garfield comic strip.

52. My favourite food is sushi. Second favourite is spaghetti with tomato-based sauces or chicken bolognese. I don't like alfredo sauces. It can be a bit weird sometimes. And yes, I can make a good spaghetti. The Thai food that I mentioned just now is also placed at second, a tie.

53. I'm a Buddhist, I pray to the Bodhisattva Guanyin. Therefore, I don't take beef.

54. I ate a lot of durians when I was little. And then some period from my end of primary school to the end of high school, I don't. Now I'm eating durians again.

55. Other places that I visited the most in Malaysia are Melaka and Ipoh. Ipoh is because I took my foundations at Kampar. Melaka? Don't ask me why. I've been there recently. Yet again.

56. The best coffee in the whole of Malaysia is only in Ipoh. Not those Old Town ones or those instant Ipoh coffee mix. If you want to drink it, go to 'Sun Yuan Foong', 'Sin Yoon Loong' or 'Nam Heong'. I rank it in a higher place than Starbucks, although I have drunk Starbucks several time before.

57. The happiest days of my life was when I was in Kampar for a whole year when I took my foundation there. That time it's still quite a new place for students, not over-crowded like these days.

58. I have three exercise books filled with Garfield comic strips from The Star. Thanks to my aunt who likes to collect them too.

59. When I was 5, I had something what we call in Cantonese 'Wu Guai Mei'. It's the tiny bit of hair that grows longer at the back of your head.

60. Favourite dessert? Anything that contains alcohol. Be it Kahlua laced ice-cream, Bailey's with coffee, Tiramisu laced with rum, or a genuine Blackforest cake. Simply awesome.

61. I absolutely adore bara manga. Ever since I discovered that I am gay, I'm hooked on it. My favourite artist is Jiraiya. Gengoroh Tagame can be a bit brutal. But I like both, nonetheless.

62. And that's where my appreciation for G-Man and bears comes from! I'll be doing a post on this soon. There's just so much that can be talked about.

63. My body parts that I love the most are my back, shoulders and legs. The part that I hate the most is my midriff. That bulge just wouldn't go away.

64. I used to use hair gel, but now I use hair wax from L'oreal. Though expensive, it's much easier to wash off than those from Gatsby.

65. I love collecting watches. My collection is only a small one, but I love them nonetheless. I used to collect stamps when I was a kid.

66. My favourite hangout place back in my hometown is... where else? The beach.  It has KFC, Mc Donald's and my favourite chicken chop. Together with the famous iced dessert stall in my hometown, it's a wonderful place to have your dinner. A stroll at the beach after that is indeed  heavenly.

67. I think the clues above are enough for you to to do a Google search and pin point that place itself. If you are still scratching your head, that place is Teluk Cempedak and my hometown is Kuantan. Yes, I'm from Pahang.

68. I love peanut butter. When I was small, I used to scoop one big tablespoon and lick it like candy. Now I rarely eat it that way. But I love to have it spread on apple slices! Yum!

69. If you had read the fact about me loving Thai food, you would have known I take spicy stuff. How spicy can I handle? Well, you know those white bird's eye chili in the market? I love that stuff.  

70. My fab hairstyle is cut by those Indian barbers. I tried going to saloons before, but there is just no chemistry between me and the stylist! I couldn't get the hair that I want if I go to a saloon.

71. If I have the money, the first bag that I''ll buy from those luxury brands is an Hermes Jypsiere in their signature Hermes Orange. Nothing spells 'Happiness' like an orange box with an 'H' on it.

72. If I am really going to be married, I want 'Nothing's Gonna Change My Love For You'  by George Benson as my wedding march.

73. I am now wearing two rings on my right 4th finger. I will give one to the one who has my heart. I ALMOST gave it away last time. These days, I'm cautious.

74. I will never ask a man to help me wear my necklace unless he is the one I truly love. Only one man in my life ever did this. And he's not my father.

75. I was MOLESTED by a straight guy once. That's another story to tell. But I just don't like these kind of situation where they want to test their borderlines of sexuality by using me. Hello, I'm NOT a scale or measuring system. Blardy fool.

76. No matter how I tried, I just couldn't mix with any of my straight guy friends. Football, girls and online games are things that I do not know what to talk about.

77. I have this very peculiar habit where I like to sing to the recorder on my computer to record my singing. Then I play it back again to see how it sounds like. If it is not what I like to hear, I delete it. If it's nice to my ears, I'll keep it.

78. The reason why I have that habit above is because I used to sing in my school choir during my high school. That's a simple way on improving my singing.

79. I am a baritone by voice type. But I like to sing songs from musicals and songs from the Great American Songbook, besides the usual choir repertoire.

80. I am turned off by snobbish behaviours and rich people who think that money is bigger than anything else.

81. I am also turned on by butts that defy gravity, besides the ear licking thing.

82. I am a bottom. Nuff' said! But will I be versatile? That remains to be seen.

83. If I am ever going to have a wedding, I shall be dressed in a crisp white shirt, silver vest, silver tie, crisp white pants and a white orchids bouquet.  A tanzanite ring or even better, a sapphire ring as my wedding ring.

84. If you think the above is nonsense, a man can dream, right? Talking about dreams, I sometimes have sleep paralysis. It is when you think you are awake but you could not wake up, as if something is presing down on you. Go Google it for more info.

85. When I was a kid, I used to be so fascinated with archaeology and Egyptian mummies that I want to be an archaeologist. When my Sejarah sucked to a level that I even couldn't accept it, that dream just disappeared.

86. My favourite channels on Astro are Discovery channel, National Geographic and Discovery Science. The show that I love most is Mythbusters!

87. My favourite comedy series is The Nanny! Oh Mr. Sheffield~~

88. The series that I would love to watch is Queer As Folk. I just know that the DVD are somewhere around SS2. They just disappear and then they resurface again at times.

89. My favourite fragrance is  Davidoff Cool Water. It's manly and fresh at the same time. The second is Hugo by Hugo Boss. Third is Polo Sport by Ralph Lauren. What am I using now? Chanel Allure Sport pour Homme. That's a gift from my aunt.

90. My long-term dream is to open an art cafe, like the one I have in my hometown.

91. I used to hate to eat bitter gourd but not anymore.

92. I drink wine. Reds. Not whites.

93. I have a phallic shaped key chain as a gift from my friend who went to Bali.

94. My gaydar tunes itself to higher levels when there is a really strong presence. I don't have to look around, I just know that there's a gay man somewhere.

95. I love TGSS. That's True Singapore Ghost Stories, a book series. I read it when I was in primary school and I still read it until now.

96. I sang 'Time To Say Goodbye' at my uni's convocation before.

97. My favourite quote, "Fashion comes and goes, but style is forever." By Yves Saint Laurent.

98. I used to imagine that the hills and forests around my hometown is part of the Lord of The Rings scenery. Would really love to visit New Zealand one day just to see all these scenery.

99. I can be quiet when you first met me, but I'll be out and loud once you know me well.

100. The last thing you want to know about me? I am human, just like you all do out there! :)


Tata for now!


2:27 PM
This is a short passage that I found in my archives. Any references to the living or the dead are purely coincidence.


I used to know him way back then. Way back my university days. He's the non-stop working machine, forever busy. Though as busy as he may be, he still do find some time on the weekends to enjoy himself. By day one form, by night the other, as they say. He clubbed regularly, going to places which I've never stepped into, having things going his way. Could it be the rebellious freak, the child-that-never-grew-up persona that he embodies? I do not know. Maybe I'll never know.

Though it has happened close to 10 years, the memory of him is still so fresh in my mind. I remember the first time that we met, he wore a dark grey t-shirt with jeans, with his black framed glasses which reflects the job that he is doing. I remembered what he ate that day, and I also remembered that when I walk past by, trying to recognize him, I'm dumbstruck. Being so dumbstruck that I forgot to say "Hi", because he's so suave in my eyes.

Some of you may label him as "fat", but to me, those cute pinkish cheeks and slanted dreamy eyes are out of this world. Coupled with short jet black hair and well-toned arms with a hint of flab.... Couldn't he be anymore rugged and cute at the same time? Being well-educated, one of my prerequisite, is the cherry on top of that devilish cake, a hard to resist temptation.

And his voice, it feels smooth, with a type of musicality in it, and a dash of sexiness that it will be wonderful to hear him growl. That was what I felt like when I first saw him. It used to be back then.


Pics are from

P/S: You may label me as a chaser, but I'm just an admirer. I love my man to be big, muscled, a G-Man. :))

Let's Talk About Shoes

6:33 PM
This post is dedicated to Vin, who's having 29 pairs of shoes in his closet.

This is something which I love, other than the banana with two dangling nuts at the side. The title above just explained itself.

Anyhoo, I'll not be posting my shoes here anytime soon. I had a little misfortune some time back, causing me to lose quite a number and pairs that I truly love. Never can I find them ever again, especially that pair of Bonia brogues which is a limited edition one. Maybe it's never meant to be.


Feeling Naughty

11:47 PM
Have you heard the song from Enrique Iglesias, titled Tonight (I'm Loving You)?

Turns out it has an explicit version.

That song would be so great for those occasions in bed. Pump the volume up and moan like crazy!

Anyway, that man has a really sexy voice. Just imagine Enrique singing this to you. Probably you'll be eating breakfast together in the morning. LOL

Oh, and I absolutely love this sexy number from Jessie J, titled Sexy Silk.

Hmm..... There's a new way to spice up your sex life. :)

Under. Swim. Wear.

10:32 PM
Just like my mum who can never have enough shoes, there can be never enough underwear and swimwear in this gay man's closet. Never.

The other day I went to Parkson at Sungai Wang and I found the underwear department which usually stocks Private Structure didn't stock it anymore. A bit of a disappointment. I love to see the designs that they can come up with, although I wouldn't think of buying it. Yet.

Today I went to Tangs in Pavilion and I found at one small corner, Private Structure heaven. They stock up tanks, underwear, pants and swimwear. They even have sales for their old stocks, so if you're a size S and would love to have some nice undies, go have a look.

The sport pants are selling at RM59 and they even have RM99 for 3 pairs of their normal briefs. Great deal for a brand that's quite out of reach from the middle market.

Also, selected STUD swimwear and briefs are up for grabs at 50%! Just make sure you're a size S or M. If you're lucky, you can find L too.

So what did I bought today?

Swimwear from STUD and Private Structure! The first is 50% off but the second is just 10. Anyway, Private Structure swimwear sell like hot cakes so it would make no sense to buy it when the sales are here. The ones on the rack which have 30% off only have sizes in S. Haish. And there's this one man carting away 6 pairs of swimwear today.

Swimwear boleh makan ke? Aku tak tahu lah.

Also, I bought boxer briefs from Diesel sometime ago which are oh-so-comfortable! They're in the middle price range, so it's still affordable. I'm having this red one from Diesel which I have worn for about a year and a half and it still looks good. Value for your money.

I have pics to post today but it seems like every time I tried posting it at night I encounter problems, where pics will be distorted. Anyone encounter this before? Any advice?

And the pics are not me modelling the briefs/trunks. I'm still far away from that kind of bod, so let's not hurt our eyes, ok?

UPDATE: Ok, pics are here. And the last pic is a badge, free gift from Private Structure. Oh, and the promoter is quite friendly too.

That's all for now. Until the next post!

New York Legalises Gay Marriage

3:41 AM
This news article is picked from the New York Times.

ALBANY —From City Hall in Manhattan to rural hamlets upstate, New York officials began to prepare on Saturday for a surge in gay couples expected to flood clerks’ offices next month seeking to marry.

The state’s same-sex marriage law, which was signed by Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo just before midnight on Friday, will go into effect in 30 days, meaning that gay couples can marry here beginning on July 24.

Gay couples from out of state will also be allowed to apply for wedding licenses and hold nuptials in New York.

Roughly 45,000 gay couples live in New York State, according to census estimates. No exact projection is available for how many will marry here, but officials are readying for thousands, especially in the first week.

“We are training our staff to be prepared for a very large number of people on the first day,” said Michael McSweeney, the New York City clerk, who oversees the marriage bureau. “We are going to be part of history.”

The city has struck an agreement to increase the number of state judges available to perform same-sex marriages. Their workload could swell; John Feinblatt, a top adviser to the mayor, said judges could be bombarded by requests to circumvent the 24-hour waiting period.

Over the next 30 days, state officials must also rewrite the marriage license application form and distribute it to the hundreds of city and town clerks. In Oneonta, a college town of about 14,000 people in central New York, the city clerk, James R. Koury, was expecting a surge in applications, especially on the first day.

Read the rest at here: New York clerks' offices, girding for influx of gay couples

Okay, now there's another destination for you to go if ever you want to get married.

I think marriage has always been some kind of a fantasy, a fairytale that always exist in the books for us in the gay community. With all kinds of factors that are outside of our community and also from the inside, no wonder some of us feel that the "happy ever after" is a mere illusion.

It's a happy thought to know that it has now becoming more and more real with each passing day.

And Lady Gaga cried when she heard the news. You go girl!