Bears (NSFW)

Why Do We Woof At A Kuma?

11:51 PM

"Kuma" means "bear" in Japanese.

But bears (the animal) doesn't woof. The sound that they do make is growling and grunting.

So why do the bear community "woof" at other bears that they find attractive?

Thanks to Google magic, I'm able to find out why the word "woof" for sexual attractiveness. 

It is said that during the 90's, the word "woof" is used to show sexual attractiveness by all, no matter what sexual attraction that the person has. It is a more subtle substitute for growling, like what some people do. So the word "woof" got into the Internet at that time so it starts to spread around. That's when the bear community starts to pick it up until now.    

I am not sure how correct is this but at least it did shed some light. 

Does anyone out there actually knows why do bears "woof" at each other? 

P/S: There's actually #boxerday for bears on Twitter. Click here for more info! 

Love of my Life

The Small Little Things

5:41 PM
You know those small little things that annoys you, yet it's not enough to make you fuming with anger?

Like leaving the toilet seat open. Or squeezing the middle part of a toothpaste.

Worse still, having a dry throat, kissed your boyfriend, then messaged him that it's a strep throat, with another message saying "I hope you don't get it".

That totally sounds like an irresponsible, selfish and naive person. And I'm the irresponsible, selfish and naive person.

After I realised what I did, I was like "WHAT IN THE FARKING HELL DID I DO.........." (please insert poker face here). Sometimes I can be so honest with my words that I take no effort to do any kind of censorship.

He's totally annoyed and worried about my throat. I feel like I'm the worst boyfriend he can ever have.

But on the other hand, it really showed how comfortable I am with him by exposing how terrible I can be at times. And yet, he still cares so much.

I'm sorry my swan prince. It is from experience we learn and I promise there'll be nothing like this ever again.

It's only half a year, but I really do want to rush to Tiffany's, buy a ring, then beg him on my knees to marry me.

P/S: Oh, and a nice wedding band at Tiffany's in rose gold (with the "Tiffany & Co" lettering and a few miniature diamonds) will set you back around RM3030 for one.

28 Things To Make You A Better Gay Man (Repost)

12:53 AM
This is a repost from rotiboy's blog. I find it exceptionally true and I want to thank rotiboy for posting this! Do hope that you can find something that applies in your situation too. :)

Please click to read more as the list is really long.

Love of my Life

The First Valentine

1:51 AM
Usually I give no shit about Valentine's Day. Well, that's when I was single. I wasn't condemning it or purposely did something to remind me about my single life. So, it was another normal day like any day of the year.

But this year, it's another reason to celebrate something because of my swan prince. This is really my first celebration of Valentine's Day.

We went to TGIF at Pavilion's and had the Valentine's dinner menu that they're having. The mains and desserts are not bad at all. One thing certainly stands out though, which is their brownie with chocolate fudge and vanilla ice-cream. Tastes like heaven and oh-so-sinful.

But something certainly rings true. The price for that dinner can certainly buy us a better dinner downstairs at Michelangelo's. On normal days, that is.

Well, with RM25 per stalk of rose and RM69.90 for a small size teddy bear, Valentine's Day is just another product of commercialisation. So we had our first experience of a commercial Valentine's Day and it'll be our last too. It's just not worth your ringgit. I think that doing something more personal on that day is a much smarter choice. And it's a better effort of showing your love to your loved ones.

But Valentine's Day is certainly not limited to couples. Love certainly exists between your family and friends too! The day is about celebrating love itself, so to all single people, take it as a day to express your love towards people around you. You certainly don't need to condemn it or whine about it. Do something positive!

I wish all of you out there, no matter single, married, in a relationship or complicated circumstances, have an endless supply of love. Love certainly does not need to be celebrated for only a day. :)

For those who love, time is eternity. - Henry Van Dyke


Surprising Sunday

10:31 PM
Not a very good surprise. Well, the first one is. There's a second one.

This morning when I logged on to facebook, I saw this devastating news.

If you're not living under a rock, you should know by now that one the greatest singers of our time has passed away. We will always love you, Whitney Houston.

That's one of my favourite. It is really sad to know that she has passed on. RIP Whitney Houston.

Now moving on to the second surprise.

The second surprise is really... surprising. It's about one of my coursemates. All of my friends and me knows that he did date girls before.

But he's doubting himself all these while and he's actually gay!

If you ask me why I couldn't detect him a long time ago, well, that's because my gaydar just doesn't work on people I do know.

So after I discovered that he's actually gay, I do feel a bit strange. I mean, we've been practically in the same classes and we do see each other every other day. It's like finding your colleague who you think is straight at a gay club or a gay sauna.

But then, I do think it's also a good thing. It's like finding a new friend all over again.

Surprise, surprise. And I'm waiting for another one this Tuesday. Hehehe...

Bears (NSFW)

Some Summer Lovin' (NSFW)

1:00 PM
I know some of you out there are in other countries with four seasons and it's still cold at this time. But, it's 365 days per year and 7 days per week rain or shine here in Malaysia.

And it's another very sunny sunny sunny day today!

Fret not if you're wrapped up in blankets, jackets and scarfs while holding a mug of hot chocolate. Here's some summer lovin' from the bears and bara to cheer you up. :)

Usually before the summer holidays, all of us will somehow try to workout, exercise, diet, etc. because you would like to show of some skin. 

Then there will be some who would love to go to for a summer holiday in other countries. And start to plan and pack stuffs.  

Then the summer holiday begins!

Some would like to tan... 

Some would ogle at lifeguards...

Or ogle at the surfers... 

Or even some will have a wardrobe malfunction. Like what Davey Wavey did. 

But there's something that cannot be missed at times like these.


Voice Of Men

1:17 AM
I tried to post pics on blogger, but I really do not know whether it's my broadband connection or is it google's problem. So beary pics will have to wait for a while.

While listening to songs on youtube, I found something worth a mention.

It's a tumblr with the name Voice Of Men, featuring computer generated audios of the pop divas of our time, such as Beyonce, singing in her alter-ego male voice.

It's quite nice to hear a different range, especially if you're a male, trying to find a suitable range to sing your favourite pop song. Have you wonder how Adele's "Rolling In The Deep" will sound like if it's sung by a male? Maybe this can help you.

But when I pressed play for Britney Spear's "I Wanna Go", I couldn't help but thinking it's a gay slut who's singing it.

One of the weird things that you can find on the internet. LOL



2:20 AM
If you frequent my blog, you'll notice that there's a small window at right about small random stuffs that I write from time to time.

The number 34 is not my age. I'm still not that old, but I'm not getting younger either. Anyway, that's my waistline now.

If you remembered, there was this blog post about a little something that I bought from Tangs last year.

With a waistline of 34, I booked myself a trip to Langkawi. I'm going there in the middle of May. And I really want to wear skimpy little things when I'm there.

And my inner self started screaming, "YOU MUST EXERCISE. YOU MUST DIET. Y U NO STOP EATING??"

So, to motivate myself further to lose weight (with a more than gargantuan task to do besides that) I hereby promise to all blog buddies that I'll post a photo of me in those skimpy little things once I'm back from Langkawi.

And the punishment is no matter what, I still have to post a picture of me in those skimpy little things.

Now, Mr Thomas, you couldn't escape from the impending shame. Do it or suffer the consequences.

I'm crazy when it comes to how much I weigh.

P/S: I really wanted to be a bear but no matter what I ate, it doesn't go anywhere. Except the mid-section. Haish.

I Wonder

6:21 PM
You know that certain somebody in your workplace which holds prestigious degrees and certs, has fame and fortune, but still choose to work at that lousy workplace of yours?

There's one here in my uni.

Not going to say who or what, but really, if you have a chance to actually go overseas and to improve your life, will you? 

If not, what makes Malaysia so attractive that you want to stay? 

Let's put our sexuality out of the equation. Because if you do, it's like jumping out from the tiger's mouth and into the frying pan. No matter which government takes place, as long as they don't abolish that colonial law, we are all in danger of being prosecuted under the law. 

So after that matter, what makes you want to stay?

For me, I want to stay. 

I may not love Kuala Lumpur. I am certainly not fond of the public transport. I hate how sometimes I have to walk like miles before I can find a decent toilet. I certainly do not like how the people up there do things the way they do. Sometimes I think that it's hopeless, broken beyond repair, and the only way is to get out. 

But, this is the only place in the world where you can find mountains, rivers, waterfalls, islands, beaches, caves and forests which are all oh-so-beautiful, with a rain or shine weather that goes on for 365 days a year. And it's like at most 8 hours away by drive, and even lesser if there's a plane available. Well... maybe some are really far away but no hassle of exchanging foreign currency and applying a passport. 

This is the only place you can find char kway teow basah, halal dim sum, curry fish head in a Chinese restaurant, and mamak that serves wonderful nasi lemak. Also Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Mexican dishes all in one place.  

I don't want to talk about the holidays here, because not everyone gets it. But the festivals here certainly add more colour and more life into each and everyone of us. I'm not talking about shopping mall decorations but the little things like the sound of a distant fire cracker, little green money packets, and the whiff of mutton curry during Deepavali. 

And that's actually a gift to all of us Malaysian, which we are taking it for granted, day by day. 

We couldn't escape being segregated into our race, but what we can actually do is to try to look past that and see ourselves as a Malaysian. 

Not all Chinese are good in Math. Not all Indians can down bottomless pits of beer. Not all Malays are actually happy with the fact that they have a better benefit than most of us. 

I know it's not easy and you don't believe some of the statement above, but we need to at least try.

I am getting very fed-up of seeing all those things on facebook that's related to things that can actually lead to sedition. Like the white envelope given to Chinese people during Chinese New Year at a government event. And now there's this negative status about releasing fireworks. Sounds like a dog barking, he says. 

I can only pray and hope for a better tomorrow of my beloved country. 

I am a Malaysian after all.