NFSW! The Art of Nickie

12:54 AM

Meet bara artist, Nickie. Here's his blog, at nickierhymeswithhickie.

And here are some of my favourite bara art from him! I found one of his work on Queerclick Asians a long while ago and I searched about him from there.

This is piece down here is called "When Professor Meets Coach". You can build up your imagination from there if you want to. :)

Click the link below for NFSW works. 

Ok, this last one is a bit disturbing but don't take it seriously! 

As said by Nickie himself, "The dude isn't getting a boner because he's getting a shampoo from his mother dear (even I think that's creepy >_<), but because he's just a wee boy having a sexy bath in the backyard in plain view of everyone."

Some eye candy after a few weeks of absence. :))

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