4:50 AM

Oops, I've forgotten the list. So here it is. The meme list, that is.

1. I have a dream to get married some day, and being gay here doesn't help. I even pictured what I'm wearing, where it'll be held and what stone is my wedding ring. Hehehe...

2. Unfortunately, I haven't found my love. Hopefully I will. ;-)

3. I love bara manga! And those gay comic strips online. Maybe I should do a post on them someday...

4. I also love Thai food very much. But I also love sushi!

5. I can cook and bake. And proud of it!

6. I am learning to be a graphic designer, but my dream is to own an art cafe. Something like the art cafe that I like to go at my hometown.

7. I love branded luxury goods. Especially bags.

8. I went to a club once. Found out that it's a bit too loud for my liking. Not my cup of tea, but wouldn't mind going once in a blue moon.

9. Wish that I have more time to gym, I'm so out of shape and so unhealthy looking.

10. I love to read novels. Fantasy genre, usually.

And that's it for now.

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  1. Ooo... nice to know a little bit more about you. Interesting write-up. Hope you could write '100 Things About Me' like I did.

  2. Calvin: Thank you for giving me an idea on what to write next! :)

  3. You're welcome. Hehehe... can't wait to read.