3:40 AM

I am desperate for a holiday.

You know at times when you want something so bad that all the things that are referencing to the thing that you want just pops up in front of you, as if it's mocking you?

I just dislike it very very much. 

I tried going to MATTA fair the other time, trying to plan for a holiday, but there are no packages that strike my fancy as well as my budget. A new phone is what I got in the end.

Seeing all those posts on Facebook about my friends having holidays while I am slaving away my time for a wee bit of money doesn't really do my insides any good.

I just want to get away. Somewhere. Even if it's Genting, I don't mind at all. 

And I found out that my boyfriend isn't that fond of the idea of getting away to faraway places. Totally the opposite of me, where I have a lists of places I want to visit.

New Zealand; to see locations where the Lord Of The Rings film is filmed.

Paris; just to see the Eiffel Tower. And Dior. And Chanel. And Louis Vuitton.

Taiwan; shopping is so much better than Bangkok.

Bali; just for the beaches.

Egypt; I have a thing for that great civilisation.

Switzerland; absolutely breathtaking views.

And many others which will come into this list soon. 

And what will the gay traveler do without his gay traveler bag?

Only from Longchamp. Costing SGD 699 at all Singapore Longchamp boutiques. In Malaysia, this lovely one costs RM1600+, I think. 

Ain't this the perfect bag to take to a gay resort? Or a gay cruise? 

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