Gay One

11:24 PM

I have to write this down to get it off my chest.

Just now had dinner with the boyfriend. As we were walking to the carpark, we pass by a restaurant which has an alfresco dining area. And there sat a vey fat and quite ugly guy with his bunch of friends. As we pass him by, I heard a snicker from him.

Then I heard, "Gay geh."

If you don't know Cantonese, it means "Gay one".

All this while I am in PJ, in this big city called KL, never have I encountered something this negative about my sexuality. If you haven't read my previous post before, let me tell you that I am a lucky gay man, being accepted by my immediate family, friends and colleagues.
But what about to those who don't? To those who are still in the closet?

This is not only an issue that matters to me. It matters to all gay men out there. But more importantly, because of this, I have something to say to our Malaysian gay fellows.

To those who are in the closet, living in fear, remember, it will get better. But also do remember it will get worse before it does. Stay strong. If you could not stand the pressure, find a support group. There are blogs like these where you can make connections. Forums too. And there is always PT Foundation and Oogachaga.

To those who are comfortable with who they are, spend some time in supporting local events like Seksualiti Merdeka. You don't have to be at Pinkdot like I do, but just leave an hour or two to attend such local events that educates the public about who we really are. If you're game for it, why not bring some friends along too.

If we want change, we have to be the change. United we stand, divided we fall.

P/S: My boyfriend stood up for me. Oh yes he did. 

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  1. Your bf stood up for you? Ooo... how? What did he do? I'm curious... hehehe...

  2. He shouted back "Gay jau gay lah" at a safe distance.

    But anyway, have you encountered something like this, Calvin? Negative remarks from ignorant people?

  3. I've never encountered such incident before because I'm so straight-acting that no one know I'm not. Hehehe...