A Relationship

11:13 PM

I've been noticing people around me are so happy with their partners and some of them are just so lucky to have them.

I wonder when is my turn.

At times, I do wish that there is someone who I could cuddle up with every night, when it gets to cold.

I do wish that I can have breakfast with that special someone every morning.

That special someone to assure me things will be right when they are truly terribly wrong.

That special someone to do silly stuff with, like stuffing your mouth full of ice-cream and let it freeze, and then laughing like a hyena.

That special someone to watch the stars at night and the sun at dawn.

That special someone to share my life with. And his too.

But I don't know, I'm so busy now I hardly have time for dates, although I do have an account at Fridae for browsing and meeting up new people.

Am I putting not enough effort in finding him?

I have this dream where I will get married someday, to him, by the beach, in a white suit.

And this shall be my ring.

P/S: Just another post where I get things off my chest. But indeed, I'll pray. And I'll wait. Maybe now it's not the time yet.

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