The Road Less Taken

1:04 AM

It's been some time since I posted anything, with all the work, emotional stress, moving back to my hometown, and basically, being busy about life itself.

Yup, so I made the decision to go to the island down south, that is Singapore, after many months of deliberation.

Thank you so much Tuls for your comment. I am touched and I appreciate the fact that you took time to write it. :) I took the road less taken, for me that is, but not the road not taken.

In case you are wondering why this decision is so important, it is because if I am to go there, the chances of working in the same career path that I've been studying for so long is almost nil. And I am now a Bachelor in Graphic Design and Multimedia.

The other reason why I choose to go there is because I really, really want to have my own house before I reach 30. If you are suggesting the new gahmen scheme for people who haven't own a house yet, let me just say, I am aware of how my country's financial state is.

With the kind of pay that I'm getting here, it's not helping at all. Sure, I can have a main job and do part-time jobs on the side, but I want to have holidays and other little luxuries of life too. Then there are going to be bills to pay. I'm trying to work smart here, to support my dream and to achieve the kind of lifestyle that I would like to have.

I do hope I can achieve my dream. And then get married, maybe.

I'll be leaving in a week's time. Wish me luck.

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  1. you are always welcome! and.. and.. if i cant stay here at all, i'll go find you ok! :) i might go there for good too if everything else fail :)

    1. Wah... Think properly first leh... I personally think that it doesn't matter where you want to settle down later, but what is really important is to have the financial means to do so.

      I wish you all the best in your studies. :)