The Consequences of Being Mature

2:46 PM

I know I'm 20. Yet my likes and preferences appear to be a 30 year old man.

I love wearing hats. I listen to opera. I frequent the MPO. That's Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra.

I can club, but I prefer not to. My ears got problem when being exposed to loud sounds too long.

I love Shidaiqu, those old songs from Shanghai. I collect porcelain. My whole family does. I love wearing shirts rather than tees. I cannot sing pop songs, I sing songs from the Great American Songbook. And I'm a baritone if ever given an operatic role.

I wear vintage. I love old stuff. And I love my man to be older than me.

But, because I'm only 20 and with all these preferences and likes, I'm judged as "You're too young."

Why couldn't you understand that I'm different? Underneath this skin of mine, is actually an uncle that has a bizarre taste.

Combine it with the vigorous energy of a 20 year old, I know I'm really really weird. And I thought that you being older than me understands this.

I just want to find somebody to love. Is it that hard?

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