2:27 AM

The other day when I was at work, I got giddy. Not because of alcohol, although I get free wine at times.

It's because among the sea of uncles, there's this few which really shines. Let's call them Men 1 and Men 2.

Men 1 is young, well-dressed, prim and proper. He's wearing this striped shirt in black and green, with slim fit pants. But the most amazing thing about him is his ass. It's defying gravity I tell you.

His built is lean but toned. The shirt and pants fits him like a glove. His looks are not what you think the most attractive, but it's symmetrical enough to be pleasing. His eyes are far apart and dreamy. As in height, he's taller than me by a few centimeters.

Men 2 is middle aged, with a long face and wide jaw. Tanned and rugged, I think he could be older than what his age is. But his shirt is bursting at the seams, because he's sooo damn muscular. His arms are like barrels and the chest? It's a meat pillow.

Wearing jeans and sneakers, but somehow my mind starts to undress him mentally. Aiks, the slut in me.

I literally melted that day because besides both of them, there are also some hot Caucasians around. But I support "barang buatan Asia". So after the giddiness has gone, I started to think.

I really need exercise. Badly. And also a pair of slim fit pants. XD

Looks like in this gay world, nobody can escape vanity.

But to be vain has it's good points. You tend to sleep early out of fear of eyebags. You tend to eat healthily out of fear of obesity. Also, after all the ways you try to keep in good shape, you usually look more pleasing than your counterparts. 

Ain't that a good thing?

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