Skinny Dipping

12:17 AM

I almost did it today. Almost.

Why do I say so? Well, it's like 7.20pm when I'm in the pool. There's no one around. (I wear my watch while swimming)

So the slut in me came out. I took off my speedo until my ankles. And I feel...

Free. Naked. Sexy. Horny. Wooo......

And the little brother starts to point north. OMG.

Then suddenly there's this couple came into the pool area! Thank God I'm at the deep end. Dive back in to the blackness and wear back my speedo.

One fantasy relieved. And may do so again. Kihihihihi....

Slut in me, slut in me.

Blame it on the raging hormones. (I'm not joking, there's actually a book with this title. Go to Eric's blog and check it out. It's here.)

'Till the other post arrives. :)

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