Boys, Boys, Boys

3:19 PM

This isn't about that Lady Gaga song, though I do like some of her songs, especially Speechless. What else can I mean when you have that title above? Living in the capital of sin city isn't helping much to this angelic soul here who is tempted by the forbidden fruits appearing everywhere, including inside the monorail.

Anyway, they're suddenly appearing everywhere, like mushrooms after a rainstorm. I usually don't see my type on the streets but it's not the same now. What had happened?

And recounting the fact that I somehow got rubbed by a stranger inside a jam packed monorail. It's only on the arm, not the other part. Though not my type, he's cute, nice butt and smartly dressed for the office. My gaydar is not tingling, so I guess he's straight or either he's straight acting. Because besides me, there's also this well-dressed uncle who keeps such a close distance with him I keep thinking that they're going to kiss.

Then yesterday another one just passed by me and keep on smiling at me. What the...? I'm like a drunkard in the morning and this happened when I was dragging myself out to class. Do I look sexy when I'm a drunkard??

But even after all the attention I got from this passing strangers, nothing can compare to getting the attention from him. Which is like once in a blue moon. What have I done? Did I do anything wrong?

I really thought that those 3 months can really mean something but I think it's going to take longer than that. I'm busy, he's even busier. And admist all these business, I try to keep contact, tried to chat with him but it seems like he's avoiding me or something. Nowadays he doesn't even bother to reply my sms-es.

If you don't want me to bother you, say so. I'll stop. It's not healthy having such emotions and feeling like a stalker at all times. I tried giving you space, but the more I give, the colder you became. Haiz...

Being busy is not an excuse if you really want it to work. I bet you know this. I guess I'm not on the top of your list after all.

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