To: The Universe

11:29 PM

Sending out a message to the universe.

Gay boy here, in 20's, seeking for somebody who understands him for who he is.

Can cook great spaghetti, coleslaw, salads and ginger onion chicken.  Also can whip up the occasional cookies and butter cakes for festivities.

Knows how to do chores such as ironing, sweeping and mopping. Knows how to fix simple broken things around the house. Knows feng shui and decor.

Can paint a fresco when he has the time because he had done so for the kitchen in his house. Can and able to maintain a small garden and fountain, since his grandmother had taught him how to.

Can dress up well for events and important meetings. Clean shaven and goes through occasional expensive haircuts. Is going through a regime of exercises now and it shows.

May not give the best sex ever, but is willing to learn from books and porn.

Is a great listener and has a very logical thinking on solving problems. Has a more mature thinking than his age.

He has only one request, that is honesty and trust from the somebody out there who truly understands him.

Although he may be this good, but hell hath no fury like a scorned gay bitch. Hurt him and you'll go to hell.


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  1. Wow! I'm not sure if anyone reads this but it's interesting to see you post this up. It looks like you're advertising yourself in your own blog. Shouldn't this be in some fridae or axcest profile? Hehehe...

  2. Calvin: Well, it's entitled "To: The Universe". I don't think "The Universe" has a fridae or axcest profile.