Again, boys. :)

5:20 AM

The last post was a bit sad, hor? There's somebody who told me having self-pity is pathetic, and yes indeed, it is. I couldn't agree more. But there's more to it. It still shows that your heart is not made up of shards of ice but instead filled with warmth and comfort. Human beings can't help being sad, you know. And gay men aren't exactly made up of blings, sugar, whey protein and crocodile tears either.

But wateva! Wateva. I'm now going to talk about hunks that I meet in the street. I couldn't take a snapshot of those whom I talk about here because a) I'm with my family members at that time, more specifically, the elders b) that's an invasion of privacy, taking pics without consent. (But it's addictive. :-P)

First hunk? A malay guy who's in the army, I think. I was in the car with my mum, and stood there at the sidewalk was this delicious, beefy chunk of a man. He's dressed in a tight fitting shirt and camo pants, with all the muscles bulging like GI Joe. That's why I speculated he's in the army. He's a bit taller than me, around 170cm? But sadly, I couldn't see his face clearly. It's his physique that left such an impression on me.

Second hunk? A singaporean chinese. Beefy, solid, most of all, cute face. He was standing somewhere at the entrance to Somerset station, if I'm not wrong. He's being a promoter for...guess what? Whey protein. Good marketing strategy, eh? Anyway, was in a rush at that time so couldn't stop to see clearly.

Myth to debunk? Singaporean men are with zero fat. This I support. But it depends on the age too. Most who are 20's to late 30's are in good shape, thanks to the law there. You have to be in the military for an amount of time after 18 and subsequently at some time intervals which I'm not sure of. So, to those neighbours over there, don't complain. At least there are acceptable eye candies everywhere you see.

So that's it. But for the record, I like G-men. Like those drawn by Jiraiya. Bespectacled, sitting down writing a novel. (SWOON!) Sometimes I wonder which heaven they are from, because these guys are certainly out there!

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