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They say that third time's the charm. After those two failed crushes, maybe the third one is going to be the one. He's the one that's appearing in this blog now and then. But something went terribly wrong, due to my lack of experience in this department. Hence, all the work that has been done did not bear any fruit, although it has grown quite considerably.

After that incident, I was depressed and I drank like never before. It doesn't help for the fact that when that happened, it was also the day when I was having my exam. And it happened just a few hours before it started. That night, I was drunk, almost going to pray at the john and called my sistah for some male-bashing.

After that day, I feel a bit more courageous and gained a bit of wisdom. Hence, I decided to explore in one area that I was so lack of, even more so if you're a young gay man. Not ONS, but meet-ups.

I had two in a week, so that's something I never had done before, not in such a short period of time either. The first one is a good friend from fridae, and he's the first I've known from there when I started to use it. Interesting job, an assistant in research at a university. He looks so different from his photos there, and I mean it positively. He's a bit talkative but his company is warm and friendly. There's much we can talk about, like a long lost friend. I do like him.

Now, the second meet-up is unplanned and a total stranger. Hailing from the land of the rising sun, he's much older than me but do not look like so. That day I was borrowing the phone from my bro to install a certain app. And I got to know him from there. He's a traveler, a visitor here.

His English is heavily laced with his mother tongue, sometimes I have to repeat myself in order to understand. Nonetheless, he's incredibly polite and well-mannered. We both went to where frangipani grows and flourish, but instead sat at the opposite, occupied by a little green shamrock. I was a tour guide that night and basically introducing what my homeland has to offer. He is cute and the encounter was surprisingly clean and pleasant. Do hope to meet him some day again.

And after that, no more. Because I'm back to where I belong for the moment, turning off the radar momentarily.

Before ending, to Mr J, if you're reading this, congrats once again! Looking forward to see you too.

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  1. Ooo... from the land of the rising sun eh? Hehehe... do you still keep in touch with him?

  2. Nah, just one of those close encounters. But though he's jap, he's working at Thailand. And living happily with a bf in tow.