5:58 PM

They say in this world there are 2 persons of exactly the same face but they're total strangers, not even twins or friends, with no blood relation at all.

And today at class, I saw somebody that looks exactly like him. Almost same size too. It really gave me quite a shock.

I wonder what cards has God given to me to play with in this game of love. Did I owe something with him in my past life? The more I want to be normal with him, the harder it gets. And this reminder is sitting in the same class with me every Tuesday morning.

God, can you give me a clue? Will I ever find my other half? What have I done to be mentally tormented like this? Can I take it during this 14 weeks of classes? Will I explode?

Godspeed my other half, Godspeed. Love life is getting suckier and suckier without you around.

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