2:20 AM

This little pinkie went to the market.

This little pinkie went home.

These two little bad ass pinkies fucked me till I see heaven the above.

Nope, it's not an orgy. It's a technique called fingering, where you use fingers to stimulate the G-spot of the asshole or the abalone. It can be part of foreplay or a substitute for fucks (if there's some problem with the partner or no dildo is available), but you need to practice and practice makes perfect.

Google it for more info.

I had been doing so since 2 years ago and I need no man to help me see the heaven and stars. I love my pinkies. With a little lube of course.

Self love is wonderful! :)))

P/S: Do you still want to shake my hand? LOL

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  1. hello tom! thanks for visiting my blog ei! :) haha.. can i shake those hands? hahaha.. i never fingerred myself for quite sometime already.. i have a bf to do it now.. haha.. but back were the days where i do it too usually in the shower! when its all slippery... ah...

  2. That name of yours fits you like a glove! Hahahaha

  3. Why use the pinkie? Lol... just curious.

  4. Well, you know there's the nursery rhyme about little piggies and you say it out loud using your fingers as a metaphor? I guess that's where pinkies came from.