A Surprise!

3:20 AM

You know, when I opened up my blog today and read blogs as usual, I stumble upon something very familiar.

So there I was, reading through the blog list in Calvin's blog, I saw.... my blog name in the blog list!

Thanks Calvin for adding me there! Never would have thought that somebody would read it!

Anyway, I deleted my last post because too much was revealed. He will know once he reads it. I just do not want that friendship to be destroyed. That was what happened with my third crush. I don't want history to be repeated.

Before going off, I'll post what I love, that is G-Man! :)))

So, what is a G-Man? G-Man is also known as muscle bears. Usually big sized, they are muscular with just a hint of fat. Body hair and facial hair is optional, but usually facial hair is preferred. G-Man is a term from Japan, so if you google it, you'll see lots of Asian flesh.

I know the first pic is counted as a cub, but isn't he cute?? LVOE~~~

Yes, I love my man to be big in size. It's so comforting to hug a human bolster to sleep. :)))

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  1. Hi Tom, you're welcome. So since you know I have added your blog in my blogroll, then you should be more hardworking in updating your blog because I will be waiting to see any new post from you in future. Hehehe... Happy blogging!

  2. Quality control? LOL

    Happy blogging to you too!