The First Day

1:45 AM

On the first day of Chinese New Year, I did something right.

I know I'm not the best son in the world. I do have a temper at times and it's my mother who has to handle all these. I know I do not call home much when I'm back in that hell hole, but it is because of my temper which made me so. Why call home in such a foul mood and then lash it out to your mum?

And then it became a habit. A very bad habit.

Though all has been said and done, I still have some sense in me to actually do something about it.

After today's brunch on the first day of  Chinese New Year, I went and made a pot of tea, get two teacups and apologise to my parents. Like a usual traditional Chinese tea ceremony. I asked for forgiveness from my mother and then my father.

Mother cried. Brother cried. Then, I shed tears too.

After that, I swear my mother is the happiest in all days of the first day of Chinese New Year.

Calvin is correct. Treat them nice while you can. I'll make sure I do.

After 20+ years celebrating Chinese New Year, this year is really the best.

P/S: I got nominated for the GABLO awards! To all bara lovers, please click here and vote for me!

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  1. BRAVO! BRAVO! I'm glad to read that you did that. No matter how bad we treat our parents, they will never stop loving us. In their hearts, we're always their treasure.

    Wah! Why put the nomination notice so small font? BOLD it ma. Make it a post and let all your readers know. Hehehe...

  2. i already voted for my sexy li xiao bing already... :( next time next time... i nominate you in my future blog awards ok!! *stare at calvin*...

    but about you apologizing, thats really wow... i dont think i will be able to do it i think.. its a different situation in every family.. but glad that its all over and became better :)

  3. keep it up Tom ! It's never too late for you to change your bad habit, as long as you has the heart to make a change. cheers !

  4. Calvin, I'm honoured that you're actually moved to tears. But really, I am just doing what is right at that point of time. :)

    Thank you for nominating me in your future blog awards Tuls!

    Gerard, thank you for your comment! Cheers!

  5. wao, it must have take quite a huge courage to do that. i am impressed. @@ *pats back*