The Greatest Time To Be Alive

4:22 AM

It is now less than 7 hours before I get away from the lion city.

After a few days being here, it is somewhat an eye opener. I did come here before, way back in time when I was just a mere young lad. But when you are at an age where you start to comprehend about things that are actually happening in your surroundings, you'll find quite amazing stuff just right under your nose. You just need to step out of your comfort zone and start to kay-poh around.

The kay-pohing stuff that I did will be my other posts some other time later. But now, I would like to thank somebody who is quite kay-poh also.

Who else but you? The one sitting at home clicking away trawling through blogs and then found something like this? I thank you all readers out there who did spend  few minutes reading what I have in my head. It made this little old soul happy to know that there are people out there who actually read all these stuff in an age where reading starts to become obsolete. In my circle, not much people have this habit.

And to be honest, my top posts shown on my blogger stats this week shows that 3 out of 5 posts are actually posts that are lengthy and wordy. That's a great change instead of seeing my last few "naughty" posts filling up that space again. Not to say I won't have anymore beary goodies inside this blog. What's a gay blog without eye candies or some dirty literature?

And to those who did take some of their time and link my blog to theirs, I see it as a kind of motivation for me to blog and I thank you. Tuls and Ry, welcome to the club!

It is now around 4 hours into the new year. And yes, now is indeed the greatest time to be alive, to see history unfolding in front of our eyes, where to some extent it may be rewritten too.

Have a great year ahead and survive the new year.

Happy New Year from the Anonymous Gay Department!

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  1. muacks!! you boomz!!

    happy new year tom from the anon gay department!! i think i need to adopt one department myself! lol...


    keep blogging!! :)

  2. You boomz too tuls, you boomz. :D