A Bear And His Birthday

2:05 AM

Today I visited a bear cafe in KL. I think it's the only one around and if you don't know where it is, it's in Miharja. Khun is the name of the place. So what I'm doing there? Celebrating a friend's birthday! If you came across this post, happy birthday once again, T!

By the way, he's the only friend that can handle a bear hug. And to give one too. A bone breaking, chest squeezing hug is what I call a bear hug. My bf says that I do not know my own strength and always squeezed him to hard. Oops.

So in that whole establishment today, I think I'm the only guy who weighs less than 70kg and shorter than 170cm. I feel so small among all these super-sized men. Which is quite intimidating at first. And I think I may have spotted a junior at my university there too. It's such a small circle.

Talking about the place, Khun is tastefully done to accommodate such gatherings. There's enough space to move and mingle around, and to think that it also houses a sauna too. And until this moment, I haven't stepped into one before, though being so near to it.

In conclusion, it's just a short and sweet birthday party for the birthday boy. Oh, and the durian cheesecake was heavenly. As sinful as it gets, I think I can actually wolf down a quarter of the cake.

That's it for now. And there will be bear pics on the next post. It's been a while since I posted any. :)

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  1. I have some bear pics too. If you like I can email it to you. Hehehe... only if you want.

    1. Do send it! Please mail it to strictlythomas@gmail.com :)