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There's this new app called Between, which is actually a social networking app between two people. More specifically, it's for you and your partner only. It's from this Korean company called VCNC.

Basically the app distills down the essence of the question, "Why do we use technology?" Well, to communicate with people.

I'm now using it with my boyfriend. It's actually quite fun to use because you can document down your relationship and make it look something like Facebook's timeline. Also, it incorporates a messaging service like Viber or WhatsApp so if you're a fan of those, it's worth looking into.

I think it will benefit most for couples who are in a long distance relationship. Especially when you want to share sweet nothings with your significant other but not with other people.

I personally think it's a nice app overall. In the future, they're going to team up with other local businesses so that they can offer discount vouchers or coupons that are targeted towards couples.

Give it a try with your significant other. The app is available on Apple and Android.

Click here to know more about the app.

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