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Seeing the new post on Vincent's blog about the new notes, I have something to say.

This time it's not dissing about how poorly made our notes and coins are, but to raise an issue that each of us have to deal with, by this end of year.

Rumours are out and about. Rumours about our next general election.

Rumours will remain as rumours unless it is proven. I too really have no idea at all when it's going to happen. Also, I'm not here to tell you which party to vote. No, that should remain a secret all of us Malaysians should keep. If you prefer to say it out loud, you're very much welcomed to do so.

I just want to remind that in a democratic country, we, Malaysians, are actually the boss of our country. We are the ones whom will pick who will lead us and hopefully, they can improve our country better than before, in terms of economy, security and other issues that matters to us.

Maybe some of you will say that the Election Commission is corrupted, our country has no hope and etc. etc. Therefore, you choose not to vote, because what the little vote can do?

Well, whether all the assumptions above are true or not, I dare not say. I have no concrete proof to say it is bad or it is good. I certainly am not certify to say anything about the issues above that people doubt. But, there is certainly one thing that rings true.

A democratic country cannot be a democratic country if all it's gears and cogs are not working. Which is to say, if you are not voting, you're actually not helping our country at all.

If you choose not to vote, you are actually giving up the chance of actually having a say in our country. Healthcare, working opportunities, basic human rights, basic salaries, security issues, and other issues that matter to you and your family; all these are tied to your vote. If you choose not to vote, then you have no say at all in these issues.

To all registered voters, please, when the time comes, just go and vote. I don't care who you want to vote for. That is not my business. But if you give up your vote, then please do not say a thing if the situation after that does not suit your liking.

This is only a friendly reminder for you to go out and vote when the time comes. Nothing more, nothing less.

As today's blog post is very heavy, next post will be about my favourites. :)

That's all for now.

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  1. that's true, but I din register cuz i am lazy lol. But mayb i shall do it soon.

    1. You can register at any Pos Malaysia offices. But if you register now, it's a bit too late to join the next general election, IF it is this year end.

  2. Luckily my mum's change of address came through in about two months.