Cello Boy

3:09 AM

I saw this amazing guy at a school event.

He's way taller than me, a bear, which translates into adorable chubbiness. He may not have the most wonderful complexion, but one thing he has and lots of it.

He has talent. He can sing opera, the bass and baritone kind, and he sings pop songs. It's such a wonder to hear such a voice coming out from him. He plays the keyboard by ear, reads scores and play a few Chinese musical instruments too.

Most of all, he's playing the cello that day. So I shall call him Cello Boy.

And I just stare at him all day. Really. His playing is filled with emotions and I can see his enthusiasm.

Another thing is that he was singing this song (I forgot what is it) and he just look into my eyes.


Unfortunately, my gaydar told me he's not one of us. Or is my gaydar has gone faulty? (It's been sometime since I activated it...)

Anyway, it's such a pleasure that I can look at someone for so long and he doesn't mind it at all. Heheh...

Till we meet again, Cello Boy.

P/S: It's not the most amazing illustration, but I tried my best.

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