It's Just A Story

2:38 AM

Tap tap tap....

Staring at the computer until 3 am. And that damn Photoshop is jammed. Shit.

Papers at hand, I'm writing furiously just in case my idea suddenly disappeared from my mind. There's still ton of paperwork to do too. Being a designer is not all bed of roses.

"Still working?"

"Have to. I thought you're in bed?"

"I'm cold."

"Turn off that air cond then."

"Turned off."

"Go get a blanket."

"I did."


And suddenly he hugs me from behind. Surprise, surprise.

" Hun, take a rest." Spoken with an air of warmth that betrays his words. Together with a nuzzle on the cheek too.

"I'd love to, but it's a week before the deadline and I have to hurry."

"You don't have to do this."


"You always said that your boss and clients are always awful, demanding with no reasonable reasons. You know that somehow or another you can quit and find other means of living."

Yup, his words are for real. I'm just being a slave there rather than a proper worker who has rights. But design is always what I have done, though I have a "love and hate" relationship with it. If I quit, how will I get the bills paid? Food on the table?

"We have discussed this over and over again, my job can put food on the table and a roof above for both of us." His hands now gently holding mine with care, with an assuring touch.

"But it will be a burden to you. We promised to share everything. It's just not fair to you."

"I promise it won't. Seeing you toiling like this in front there like a machine just breaks my heart."

How sweet his words can be some times.

"Fine, I'll try to quit in a month's time. I just couldn't leave these projects hanging and without a word. There's no absolute guarantee, but I'll try."

He smiled. Gorgeous. From the first time we met until now. I remembered him smiling that day when we talked about pets that we like. Heck, I even remember the cologne on his sun-kissed skin, that black shirt which just cuts amazingly into his figure.

"So can we go to bed together?"

"Haha... You naughty little thing."

And I just switch off that damn hanged computer.

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