11:46 PM

I'm always ranting about not having a relationship/partner, which I think at this age of mine is quite impossible for a gay guy. And if you define virginity as in not getting plowed, I am a virgin. (I got sucked once, but that's a long story.)

Oh, and I'm a bottom. Nuff said.

So, in the midst of going through all those profiles at fridae, something hit me.

What is it that I seek? Why do I go through this process? Is it because I don't feel whole? I'm inadequate, or so to speak?

Inspired by Davey Wavey, I started to ask these questions myself.

Davey here said that we are born whole, and therefore we really should learn how to appreciate this wholeness, rather than seeking it out somewhere else.

Love yourself before you love others.

But I do love myself. I treat my body with respect, although health is overlooked due to my busy schedule. I love to pamper myself, and bathing can be such an experience for me.

I think I love myself enough. So why do I still feel this inadequate feeling?

Or maybe it's just the same old feeling mistaken for something else -which is horny.

The internal slut of me has just come out to say "Hi".

By the way, it's from a movie. Go google it for more info.

P/S: I blogged quite a lot so suddenly. Gets the engine roaring because I actually love to blog!

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