I Miss You

2:39 AM

I guess I'm just thinking too much during my last post. Let's put this in a better perspective, shall we?

I know that you're busy. Incredibly busy. I know your contract ends this end of year, but for now, there are like a million things on your list.

I tried finding you to chat. It usually ends abruptly, but gives me incredible satisfaction, knowing that as busy as you are, at least you still remember me.

I do not know do you think of me always, but for me, I do.

The sms-es I send these days are without any reply from you and I understand. But I don't mind sending them. It's the one way that I can somehow relay these thoughts in my head to you.

It's been sometime since you called. I miss your voice.

I remember that time when I got off from your car and I got that sweet smile which is so elusive to me. It's like a piece of photograph in my head, where I take out at times to have a look at. I miss your smile.

I may seem cool and joke around, but the truth is, this feeling is growing. One way or another.

I miss you so so much.

I wish I'm in your arms right now.

Just cuddling and falling into sleep.

And wake up to find you with your sweet, sweet smile.  

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