All The Boys In My School

5:11 PM

I have a few bromances. Some ended sadly, some still going strong, and on some occasions, I kissed and groped. And they're straight. ;)

Anyway, they're fun to play with, like butterflies in the field. Some are so darn attractive that I did not realise it myself until we're doing some assignments together like photo shooting. Taking off clothes, make-up and lights can really bring out the beauty of someone I thought he never had. And those pecs. OMG.

Then there's my last crush. He's like a G-men dream come true, though he's getting fatter and fatter these days. Add together with that Ah Beng hairstyle, he somehow starts to fall off from my list, though he once was on it. How he falls from my list is another story all together.

Then there's the pig. Muscled, smooth, cute. Tall, big, sings like Pavarotti. And he reads! That's so darn hot. But I rather not touch into his boundaries. The last time I heard, he's confused. Kind of like a bi, but even then, he's not sure.

Then there's the other one. Tanned, funny, natural stand up comedian. He looks good in tank tops and even more without glasses. Oops, I've said to much.

And way back then in high school, there's Superman. He's good looking, fair, muscled, manly. Just like Superman. He's an eye-candy with lots of goods to offer. I wonder where is he now. Even his brother is just like that. Both are so darn beautiful.

Maybe I should draw some caricatures on how they look like? Hahaha...

Boys, boys and boys. But I need a man.

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  1. Are you from a all-boy school?

  2. I was in an all-boys school when I was in primary. Secondary was mixed. It's just that growing up, I notice guys more. Being the au naturel me. :)