3:31 AM

We can never escape from labels. Never.

Why you ask me? It's because we like to associate ourselves with things, since time begin.

Gold represents wealth. Silver is for second. Bronze is for third.

Spring represents rebirth, love. Winter represents hunger, Christmas too.

Men behaving unproper is gay. Women behaving unproper is lesbian.

See what I mean?

To my straight friends, I know that you have nothing against us, it's just that I am really wondering this kind of labelling or stereotyping has any good to us human.

In the analogies of history, we can see Hitler, with his idea to the Jews.

We can see the caste that the Indians have made.

We can also see in the modern world, that rich and poor are different people at all, with different kind of treatments.

Then why should we treat people any different? We are all human and one day we will die, and that's the truth.

Stereotypes and labels somehow limit us, what we can actually do and achieve. But still, we use them.

If only this world can have more tolerance and a greater attitude.

Another word, I'm proud to be gay. Because I don't have to limit myself to the stereotype of a straight man.

I can cry, I can laugh, I can show my emotions freely without having to think that it's unnatural. In some matters, I have a choice. I feel liberated from the constraints of society.

I feel freedom. :)

We're indeed unique, eh?

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