2:35 AM

You know, there's this thing in Fridae called Tracks, where essentially, you're leaving tracks to the person you've viewed, so he can flip through and see who's been watching him lately.

For a guy who doesn't even get 5 views per week, 22 views suddenly per day is a bit of a shock. Unluckily, my membership is over and I couldn't see who's looking around.

What did I do on that day? Just the usual, flipping through profiles and looking around. As I did each time I login.

Maybe God actually had listened. Well, thank you Cupid. I appreciate Your help.

Anyway, this boyfriend thing has become secondary in my thoughts. Maybe I let it off all at once a blog post back. There's this famous blogger once stated that if you're seeing people in love and you want yourself one, you're having dissatisfaction. Then you became unhappy when you do not have a bf. When you have one, you suffer thinking that the bf is not truthful and cheats on you. You suffer.

Food for your thoughts, eh? Anyway, I'll let things happen. Sometimes it's really a matter of fate and destiny.

He's gotta be sure, and it's gotta be soon, and he's gotta be larger than life!

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