Achievements Unlocked

7:19 PM

So the year is coming to an end, and below are a few little bumps that I consider important in my life that I have conquered. This year is my most wonderful year and I'm very thankful for it.

1. I've found somebody to love and love me back in return. :)

2. I manage to find a way to lose a few inches off my waist, only to have it returned by Christmas. But hey! At least I can.

3. My university days are coming to an end, and this hell will be over soon. I'm thankful that I'm still alive.

4. I've went to the "meat market" and look around, a few times too. And there was once my straight friends follow me. I am thankful that they're very open minded.

But most importantly, I have unlocked this achievement which I harbor since I was still a little kid.

I have finally conquered my childhood fear, which is the roller coaster. I remembered I was around 9 and I don't dare to ride the Corkscrew at Genting, even though my father is willing to take me on it and I'm tall enough. But I did a few days ago! Achievement unlocked. Albeit I screamed like a person suffering from an asthma attack.

Sadly, the Flying Dragon, the Rolling Thunder Mine Train and the Cyclone was closed the other day when I went there. And thank God for these souls who manage to capture how it feels like when you are on them.

Oh ya, the Corkscrew to me is damn frightening that my hands turned white and numb. All the blood just rushed to my heart and brain.

And I promised my boyfriend to go and ride Battlestar Galatica at Universal Studios SG with him!

Die lah this time.

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  1. Miss your post. Hehehe... blog more.

  2. Definitely, this period I'm having some spare time. :)