5:33 PM

This post is from Singapore. I'm staying a few days here to run some errands before heading back where I belong again.

Talking about this small island down south which was once part of Malaya, there's one big change in my life that's related to it. But I think most of you have heard this story before, and some of you even did it before.

I'm coming down to Singapore in around 10 months time to find a job.

My feelings now are a mix of each; frightened, excited, sad, happy... All sorts. I'm not saying that I don't like the environment here, I even have the privilege of having a roof on my head with food on the table, all ready with welcoming arms if ever I'm here to work.

But then, there is someone I'll sorely miss. LDRs are not exactly easy and certainly not something we both want. Though I said so, there are responsibilities that I need to take on. I'm not exactly rich, see.

But being in a typical Asian family, selfishness (or if you put it in a more positive way, self loving) is not a well applauded thing.

And when once reality sinks in, you somehow get some kind of a withdrawal symptom. And then the tears start to roll.

D, I'll miss you very very much. We said before we want to make it happen. I will make sure it happens for you and me. I love you very very much, but I think mere words couldn't describe what I'm feeling right now.

We still have around 10 months left before it starts. I promise to you that these 10 months will be the most memorable time for you and me.

This ugly duckling is willing to swim through the throng of heartlanders to get to you.  Remember that even after it happens and things may fizzle and dry out, remember that my key will forever be yours to open.

I love you.

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  1. Spend the time together. And make plans to be together - make it happen!

  2. Isn't that that silly dog from Shaun the Sheep??? Omg I thought you were only a cartoon character!

  3. Thanks Savante for the heads up! :)

    Hi Rad! I'm in real flesh and blood, alive and breathing. LOL

    But Shaun the Sheep is one of my favourite cartoons, so I just put it up there.

  4. I think LDRs are beautiful. They put a relationship through hell to make it stronger. And it's definitely worth it! Goodluck Tom. x

  5. Hi Tom. Welcome to Singapore and happy new year

    Agree with the comments above. LDR is hard work but it definitely can work
    I can attest to that as I'm in one myself

    If you wanna meet up just drop me an email. Cheers!

  6. To Vin and Derek, thank you very much for the positive words. I will do my best!

    Unfortunately, Derek, today is my last day in Singapore. I'd love to meet up with you and hear your story some other time. Cheers!