I Wonder

6:21 PM

You know that certain somebody in your workplace which holds prestigious degrees and certs, has fame and fortune, but still choose to work at that lousy workplace of yours?

There's one here in my uni.

Not going to say who or what, but really, if you have a chance to actually go overseas and to improve your life, will you? 

If not, what makes Malaysia so attractive that you want to stay? 

Let's put our sexuality out of the equation. Because if you do, it's like jumping out from the tiger's mouth and into the frying pan. No matter which government takes place, as long as they don't abolish that colonial law, we are all in danger of being prosecuted under the law. 

So after that matter, what makes you want to stay?

For me, I want to stay. 

I may not love Kuala Lumpur. I am certainly not fond of the public transport. I hate how sometimes I have to walk like miles before I can find a decent toilet. I certainly do not like how the people up there do things the way they do. Sometimes I think that it's hopeless, broken beyond repair, and the only way is to get out. 

But, this is the only place in the world where you can find mountains, rivers, waterfalls, islands, beaches, caves and forests which are all oh-so-beautiful, with a rain or shine weather that goes on for 365 days a year. And it's like at most 8 hours away by drive, and even lesser if there's a plane available. Well... maybe some are really far away but no hassle of exchanging foreign currency and applying a passport. 

This is the only place you can find char kway teow basah, halal dim sum, curry fish head in a Chinese restaurant, and mamak that serves wonderful nasi lemak. Also Japanese, Korean, Thai, Indonesian, Vietnamese and Mexican dishes all in one place.  

I don't want to talk about the holidays here, because not everyone gets it. But the festivals here certainly add more colour and more life into each and everyone of us. I'm not talking about shopping mall decorations but the little things like the sound of a distant fire cracker, little green money packets, and the whiff of mutton curry during Deepavali. 

And that's actually a gift to all of us Malaysian, which we are taking it for granted, day by day. 

We couldn't escape being segregated into our race, but what we can actually do is to try to look past that and see ourselves as a Malaysian. 

Not all Chinese are good in Math. Not all Indians can down bottomless pits of beer. Not all Malays are actually happy with the fact that they have a better benefit than most of us. 

I know it's not easy and you don't believe some of the statement above, but we need to at least try.

I am getting very fed-up of seeing all those things on facebook that's related to things that can actually lead to sedition. Like the white envelope given to Chinese people during Chinese New Year at a government event. And now there's this negative status about releasing fireworks. Sounds like a dog barking, he says. 

I can only pray and hope for a better tomorrow of my beloved country. 

I am a Malaysian after all. 

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  1. i only miss the variety of foods in malaysia and nothing more! :) if there are malaysian malaysian food in UK + the weather then it would be perfecto!! :) muahahahahahaha...

  2. So you will stay for the food and the beautiful mother nature. If there's a chance, I won't mind trying but I guess after a certain period, you will get used to anywhere you stay or work unless there is some strong elements from your mother country that pulls you back such as your family, old parents that no one take care of them, etc.

  3. If I'm to giving up good opportunities overseas to stay in Malaysia, I think one of the major factors would be I want to make a change to the country. Working overseas maybe great and leads to a good life but a patriotic person would seek ways to better contribute to the country in any way—even working in Malaysia is a way to contribute to the country's economy. But then if I can convince myself that working overseas is a way to contribute back to my home country, then the decision may be different.

  4. Ah, so tuls prefers a cooler climate. I am afraid of the cold, so the weather in Malaysia suits me better. :)

    Calvin, I will stay because Malaysia is such a unique place to be, not only for the food and what mother nature has to offer. But yes, a very logical answer from you as always.

    Rotiboy, you're very patriotic! :D And I agree with you about making a change to our country. :)