10:46 PM

You know when you are so stressed that you start to dream that you are enjoying a holiday?

Yesterday my dream was about me and my family, in this beautiful island enjoying one of the beautiful beaches. The beach even has a waterfall, so the water flows right from the waterfall and straight into the ocean.

Flowers were blooming here and there, the sun was shining, and I'm just enjoying myself very much.

So behind the beach was this water theme park that's kind of run down and not functioning anymore. I explored the place like a kid, with pleasant surprises in every corner.

Then, I woke up.

God, hear me please. I'm so stressed that I can go into emo mode suddenly, which then makes me toss and turn on the bed, and then stress, and then I cry.

OMG I'm so woman than a woman. I should have just grow a vagina right there and then.

I want to escape. :'-(

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  1. Go for a short holiday, anywhere near and cheap just to recharge. It's not healthy to work without a break. You have the rights to pamper yourself.

    We work so hard but never reward ourselves is not worth it. I used to be a workaholic with no holiday but in recent years, I changed my way of life.

    What's the point of working so hard? The money you put or save will have no value until you use it. Hehehe...

    By the way, I'm going to Melaka this coming Friday for the weekends.

  2. i had a dream as well.. it was worst... my whole family went for a vacation but i couldnt go for no particular reason.. i forgotten why also but it was so depressing la...

    i also need a getaway.........


  3. Calvin, how I wish I could. But unfortunately, I'm in the same dilemma as tuls. I'm a student. As for me, this Friday I'll be spending some time with my brother. We're going to Jessie J's concert! So maybe that counted as an escape gua...

    Tuls, ya lo. I need to wait like until May. And it's only like 2 weeks of holiday before I start my new semester. So little...