Strange Dream

1:44 AM

There's this dream I had yesterday which was very weird.

On this sidewalk, like the sidewalk at Pavilion, stood quite a number of very beautiful models. There's this one guy who is very dashing at there too. Now my dream is from his perspective.

He was then told to model a watch. The watch is very peculiar, because the bezel and the strap changes colour every time you press a button on the side of the watch. It looks very expensive and very well made.

Suddenly, there's news coming from the other models saying that somebody in their group has been murdered. It's a woman, an Asian, with looks like Du Juan. If you know about the fashion world, you'll know who I'm talking about.

Then, he was ushered into a car and told to drive to the place where the fashion show will start. The car is in white, Jaguar like, with black leather seats. I can feel that he's very flustered and a bit dazed about what is happening. For some unknown reason, he tried to start the car and drive, but the car is very very slow, with misplaced pedals and brakes. On his mind, is the murdered model, her face playing continuously in his head.

Then the dream shifted to the place where the fashion show is being held. I am now no longer the dashing model, but one of the female models who is going down the runway. The clothes that the models are wearing is something like Versace, but the cut is not sexy but minimalist like Celine. I even saw that the bag that they're carrying is quilted in white, boxy, with silver chain strap, and with baroque prints.

When she stepped on to the runway, she suddenly had a vision that the runway is stained with blood and there's a pool of blood in the middle. Shocked, she tried to remain calm and composed until she has finished walking the runway. There are a lot of fashion icons sitting on the front row but I couldn't remember who.

Then, the fashion show has ended. The fashion show is actually in this very beautiful standalone store of the brand that the fashion show is for. Remember I told you about the clothes are Versace like? It may be so, but the brand is actually Givenchy, a very different kind of Givenchy, not the one by Ricardo Tisci.

Then, the dream shifted to me being myself, walking into the store, and chatting with the sales assistants. I even tried some of the leather clutches that they sell. It's a very beautiful brown, almost maroon, stamped with gold letters of the brand's name in the front. At the end of the brand's name is the word "porto". Then somebody who looks like Donatella Versace walked past me to take a file from one of the shelves. I excused myself from getting in her way.

Then, I woke up.

So strange. It feels like watching a movie somehow.

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