I Really Beh Tahan Already

6:07 PM

Writing letters, writing essays, getting permissions, doing rotoscoping, found out that I have periodontitis (that's another story to tell), thinking more ideas, shoot music video, shoot advertisement, do website....

All in the next few weeks.

No life, no health, and nothing positive that I can gain from doing all these things.

If you ever have friends or people who ask you about your opinion about graphic design or advertising, tell them it takes one hell of an amount of patience, coffee and painkillers.

Don't ever EVER belittle those advertisements and posters that you see on TV or on the streets. You never know how much effort is put into doing all that.

I really really REALLY BEH TAHAN.

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  1. periodonititis? tsk tsk, some one din brush their teeth. XD
    but get well soon lol

  2. I think it's genetic la Vincent. My mum has it and my father has some gum problems too. But still, my oral hygiene needs amendments. Freaked me out a bit too.