Aiyo Why So Negative

8:18 PM

So one of my resolutions in 2015 is to actually be myself again. Doing things like dressing up more instead of letting me become a hobo, actually clean my room weekly, and try to maintain a balance of doing my chores instead of piling them up. Also, try exploring back things that I used to do, like writing this blog and take a look around and see what other bloggers are doing...

Seems like 2014 is really a bad year for some. I was like thinking, "Is 2014 jinxed?"

I myself have my own set of problems in 2014 when I started my new job. Location, salary and the trustworthiness of some people. Then there's my grandfather's condition.

So again, I sincerely pray to all of you who are having a bad 2014, let bygones be bygones, and may the new year bring you love and joy. Cut some limes, wash yourself with flower water, jump over a fire, and do just whatever you may need to cast away all these negativity.

Start fresh and start anew, it isn't too late to do so.

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