We're All Visually Impaired

11:17 PM

One of the things that my DH needs me to do this year in my resolution list is :GET RID OF MY TUMMY.

He says it's for my own health, but of course I don't believe him. And you know what comes out of him in the end?

He says it's because he wants me to look good when placed near him, wants me to look good for sexy times, and also as a match to his expectations of his partner.

If I'm a woman, I'll definitely won't talk to him for a month. But I do realise that after all, all of us gay creatures are visually impaired. We only look for physical qualities and standards that we define as "handsome", "cute" or whatever terms that you may use to define attractiveness.

You may say that you're only looking at personality when finding a partner, but subconsciously we are all engineered and geared towards finding beauty. We're that blinded, or I say visually impaired when it comes to this.

That's why there's the Kelana Jaya pool, that's why there's TF, and all these cruisy spots. It exists and feeds into our subconscious into finding beauty, finding qualities that we like.

Is it something bad? To me, it's just eye candy. I don't mind if my man is flabby, and better still if he's bear-like. It's not an obsession, it's a passing fad.

But to my DH it's borderline obsession. Should I agree to his wishes? Should I do whatever I want? Should I agree to get toned? Not that I wouldn't look great in clothes, or naked for that matter.

Then we agree to terms that I am looking leaner than last year, and it takes time to actually match his expectations. I'll just put that matter to rest for now.

One thing still rings true: I still love him no matter what. To change for my man, well, if it benefit both ways why wouldn't I do it.

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  1. beauty is in the eye of the beholder, sometimes expectations do hurt, many don't realise that outer beauty fades away as we age, and it's rare to find those who accepts that aging is a natural beautiful process, it's even rarer to find those who truly fall in love for inner beauty without expectations...well, unconditional love is rare...whatever it is, there's nothing wrong in losing those extra pounds for health purpose, but always remember to set a long term goal, and don't forget, there's a difference between weight loss and fat loss...i wish you all the best in becoming the best version of you, good luck and take care =)

    1. Thank you Zerachiel for your kind words! :)

  2. If my future bf asks me to change, I would ask him, "Are you Mr. Perfect yourself? So what rights do you have to ask other people to change just to satisfy your pleasure needs?" It's my body, my life, my choice.