3:22 AM

Today I was surfing around Fridae (if you're gay and don't have one, go get one) and notice this new thing from Fridae Labs called Fresh.

To me, it's a bit salah you know because what it does is showing all the updated pics and profiles of whoever is on Fridae at that moment.

More like fresh meat. And indeed there are lots of fresh meat! I'm not feasting anytime soon, but at least the eyes are washed thoroughly. Hehe...

But seriously, if all those gay profile websites can do a clean look out of their GUIs like what Fridae did, it really will make life a bit easier. Axcest looks trashy with those ads all over the place. I'm talking from a designer point of view. But whatever rocks your boat.

Thinking about fresh meat, I'm reminded of that market again. 'Cause that market got raided yesterday. Was having thoughts about celebrating my birthday there but on second thought, maybe not. I was actually planning to bring my straight friends over but better be safe than sorry.

So, it's going to be a lone venture to the market of meats and more meats. Such a tantalizing escapade. Not going to buy anything back home, just window shopping will do.

Because what I'm searching for right now has more value in this world than money can buy. ;) 

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