1:59 AM

Imagine that you find yourself waking up in a 5 star hotel, with a room that's bigger than your own. The bathroom has separate sections tiled with Italian marble and a giant mirror to feed the narcissistic creature in you.

The bed linens are soft, pillows are of down and the mattresses are warm. And you're only in a bathrobe that is so fluffy, making your insides all warm and fuzzy.

It's only 7.20am. Then you opened up the jacquard curtains that shielded the giant floor-to-ceiling window, letting in a stream of golden sunlight that touches the luxurious bed.

After a brush and wash, you find a copy of that day's newspaper hung on the front door. You picked it up, scanned the headlines, and then make yourself a cup of tea, with selected tea leaves that ain't what you taste at the mamak.

Pick up the tea, head to bed, lie down reading newspaper. Then you turned on the 50" LCD Samsung TV, tuning into whatever channel that you like.

That's what I had at the Ritz-Carlton the other day. Ain't no imagination, ya know!

Thank you so much, Aunty! I LVOe you!!

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